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Sarak ka Sach : Eid special

  Aug 19, 2012   247onlinetv   941 3 views on YTPak

Show: Sarak ka Sach Host: Abid Beli Topic: Eid Special Description: Eid is one of the most anticipated occasions in the Islamic world . It is characterized by ...


Sarak ka Sach - Gutka Galore - Part 1

  Feb 25, 2012   247onlinetv   1,192 3 views on YTPak

Why do we adopt habits which we know to be harmful for health, as well as financially draining. Those indulging in addictive intakes know their effects, but st...


Sarak Ka Sach - How Holi is celebrated in Pakistan

  Mar 08, 2012   247onlinetv   26,004 8 views on YTPak

The festival of colours known to be Holi is being celebrated by the Hindu community in Pakistan. Everyone was happy and enjoyed it enthusiastically. According ...


Sarak ka Sach - Relief for the disabled by NADRA

  Mar 22, 2012   247onlinetv   366 3 views on YTPak

There are many disabled people in Pakistan. Individuals and organizations have been planning to make their lives better over the past years. NOWPDP ...


Sarak Ka Sach - Disability or Ability?

  Feb 28, 2012   247onlinetv   72

The World Disability Day is on the 3rd of December, 2011. Aren't all of us disabled in one way or another? And able in another? That is how it is. No one is ...


Sarak ka Sach - ANP and MQM ney strike kis kay liye ki?

  Mar 29, 2012   247onlinetv   2,774 4 views on YTPak

ANP (Awami National Party) and MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) both called for strikes in Karachi and had the city shut down two days. There was a total ...


Sarak Ka Sach - Baldia Town Factory Fire Tragedy

  Nov 02, 2012   247onlinetv   1,793 3 views on YTPak

Show: Sarak Ka Sach Host: Abid Beli Topic: Baldia Town Factory Fire Tragedy Description: Recently, a factory in Baldia Town Karachi caught fire and as a result...


Sarak ka Sach - Thalessemiac Kids: Who is responsible?

  Jan 05, 2012   247onlinetv   162

When will people stop getting married within families?


Sarak Ka Such - Drug Addiction - Final Part

  Jan 21, 2012   247onlinetv   463

Sarak Ka Such - Drug Addiction - Final Part.

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