Published on 24 Aug 2015 | about 1 year ago

Sing along to Incy Wincy Spider as he climbs up the water spout! Learn many more popular nursery rhymes in this kids' songs collection by HooplaKidz TV. Click to watch the top nursery rhymes: Expand below for the complete track list.

00:00:00 Incy Wincy Spider
00:01:07 Wheels on the bus
00:02:37 Humpty Dumpty
00:03:31 Baa baa Black sheep
00:04:43 Twinkle twinkle little star
00:06:44 I'm a little tea pot
00:07:53 Miss Polly had a Dolly
00:08:43 Ringa ringa roses
00:09:38 Jack and Jill
00:10:59 Polly put the kettle on
00:11:59 Phonics song ABCD
00:13:54 Humpty Dumpty
00:14:46 Hush little baby
00:17:10 Row row your boat
00:18:13 Rain Rain go away
00:19:47 London Bridge
00:20:43 Clap your Hands
00:21:58 Incy Wincy Spider
00:23:04 Five little Monkeys
00:24:52 ABC Phonics song
00:30:01 If your happy and you know it
00:31:27 Old MacDonald
00:33:40 Hickory Dickory dock
00:35:40 Alphabet song
00:37:24 Head Shoulders Knees
00:39:16 Bingo
00:41:26 Phonics song
00:43:26 Wheels on the bus
00:45:18 Star light
00:46:31 Twinkle twinkle little star
00:49:05 Ringa ringa roses
00:50:01 Jack and Jill
00:51:22 Humpty Dumpty
00:52:14 Miss Polly had a Dolly
00:53:04 I'm alittle teapot
00:54:07 Incy Wincy Spider
00:55:13 Hush little baby
00:57:36 Row row your boat
00:58:40 Rain Rain go away
01:00:14 Clap your Hands

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