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Published on 29 Sep 2012 | over 4 years ago

The episode starts with Vimla, an affluent woman whose family is into transport business in Indore. She arrives at Shukla Mansion along with her son, Mohan in a posh car to attend Mansi and Vijay's wedding ceremony. Mansi's father, Mr Shukla greets Vimla and Mohan. Vimla appreciates the arrangements done for the wedding. She also expresses her enthusiasm about the special arrangement being made on the occasion of jayamala. Mr Shukla informs Vimla that he has appointed a very famous wedding planner as he wants his daughter's wedding ceremony to be very unique. Vimla is puzzled when she fails to find any women in the house and so enquires with Mr Shukla. He informs her that the ladies were busy upstairs in the sangeet ceremony. Aarti is a divorcee and lives with her son and in-laws. She is very caring, helpful and a responsible woman. Aarti has all the qualities required to be a perfect wife and a daughter-in-law. She is Mansi's best friend and performs to a folk song during her sangeet ceremony. Vimla sees Aarti performing and gets impressed. After the ceremony, Aarti's mother-in-law, Shobha rejoices when one of the guests praises Aarti. Shobha has good relationship with Aarti and loves her a lot. Shobha, who treats Aarti like her daughter is very concerned about Aarti's future. She wishes to get Aarti remarried and does not tolerate anybody speaking ill about her. Vimla wishes to propose marriage to Aarti on behalf of Mohan. Vimla is unaware that Aarti is a divorcee. She tries to talk to Aarti about it but she is occupied with the guests. In the kitchen, Aarti guides the cooks. She also asks them to serve ice-cream as she has promised to offer it to the kids. Meanwhile, Vimla overhears the conversation and is left impressed by Aarti as she can cook as well as take care of the kids. Shobha sees Aarti busy making arrangements for Mansi's ceremony and brings a plate of food for her. Aarti refuses to eat as she has some other work to finish first. Shobha does not listen to Aarti and forcefully feeds her. At that time, one of the guests informs Aarti that Mansi has summoned her immediately. Vimla sees Aarti mingling and taking care of the guests. When she asks Mohan about his decision, he too agrees to marry Aarti. She therefore asks a match-maker, Aasha, who has also attended the wedding ceremony, to propose marriage to Aarti. Vimla is so impressed that she wishes to give shagun immediately to Aarti. When Aarti goes to Mansi's room, she is happy on seeing Mansi dressed up in her bridal attire. Aarti, however, does not like the measurements of Mansi's blouse. Mansi tells Aarti that she had purposely stitched her blouse deep so that she can lust her husband. Mansi is totally opposite to Aarti and believes in attracting boys in the first meeting itself. She wishes to keep her husband under her control. Aasha meets Shobha and proposes marriage to Aarti on behalf of Mohan. Shobha is left surprised but does not reveal the truth. To convince Shobha to accept Mohan's proposal, Aasha explains Mohan's financial background. In the midst of the function, Vimla meets Aarti and praises her. Aarti is left confused when Vimla gives her shagun of Rs one thousand. Aarti is further confused when Vimla forces her to accept the shagun and seek her blessings. Aasha learns from one of the guests that Aarti was a divorcee. She rushes to inform Vimla about it. Aasha tries to stop Vimla from giving the shagun but fails. Meanwhile, Aarti's son comes searching for her. Vimla and Mohan are surprised on learning that Aarti was already married and had a son. When Aasha informs Vimla about Aarti's marital status, she gets furious and snatches the shagun from Aarti. In front of all the guests, Vimla accuses Aarti of cheating her. Aarti feel insulted when Vimla states that nobody would ever wish to marry her. When Vimla mockingly accuses Aarti of having an extra-marital affair, Shobha gets furious and intervenes. She defends Aarti and challenges to soon get her remarried to a perfect groom.

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