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Published on 26 Aug 2014 | over 2 years ago

***********I'LL CLARIFY IN HERE************

I wanted to demonstrate how I cut my own hair at home. Now I know it can be a little scary but no worries, I got you!! :D

Go ahead and skip to where you'd like!
@ 2:47 is where I'll start explaining on how to cut off length.
@ 5:53 is where I begin cutting layers into the hair………….. you're welcome! Let's get to the point right?!? HA! HA! :D

*******In the comments i was asked to clarify exactly what part of the hair i was cutting and I do apologize for leaving that out! It's such an important part!! Here is my response:
"Ok so when I flip the hair over, I cut the section of hair that I leave OUT.
As I continue, I essentially have two ponytails because one ponytail will hold the hair that I've already cut and the other will hold the hair that I haven't cut yet. The only section of hair that should not be in either ponytail is the hair that you are ready to cut."


"I lean my head forward and brush the hair over the front ponytail made - so the hair is directly in front of my eyes/in front of my face and as straight as possible. I hold the hair with my middle finger and index finger and cut STRAIGHT across with my scissors.
Cutting the hair straight across will give you that V-Shape to your hair.

I didn't realize that I wasn't in the frame of filming when I was cutting. If I did, I would have fixed myself to better demonstrate. My hair is so long that you can't see what's going on. I apologize. However it's super simple to do.


This is super simple but like I state in the video, several times, it is just time consuming. HEY! If you're at home on a Saturday night and didn't go out with the girls this weekend…. or for my younger crowd where it's a Saturday night and you just don't feel like doing your homework….. grab a pair of scissors and cut away.

If you are looking for a dramatic change then I would suggest you go to someone who can cut your hair professionally but if you have the balls to cut it yourself, more power to you!! You ROCK! :D

The first part of the video is where I show you how to cut length off of your hair completely. The second part is where I show how to cut layers. Like I state in the video, this haircut does create a "V" shape to your hair. I personally have always liked the "V" shape to long hair but I've been told that it's "outdated"…. Lol I think it looks beautiful on everyone, especially if your hair is curled! :D

I do not have any specific training or have any type of beauty schooling under my belt but I've learned from trial and error. I've passed my stage of thinking too much about what people think. When I was younger, my haircut had to be perfect and as I've gotten older….well I just don't give a damn. Lol

Hair is so easy to camouflage if you've made a mistake so don't take things so seriously, it'll grow back, the world will not end.

I apologize for the video being so long. As I sit here waiting for the video to upload, I'm thinking that I should have edited out a lot more footage but HEY! what can you do. I also apologize for being MIA! I'm hoping to upload a lot more videos soon. I have a few things situated so hopefully I can upload some more. :D
Thank you for your patience and for subscribing. :D xoxo!!

I hope you give it a try and let me know the results. Of course, try at your own risk! :D

Happy cutting!!

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