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Published on 24 May 2015 | about 1 year ago

WoW - we have today Giant Kinder Joy Surprise Egg made of Play Doh . Our FB page: www.facebook.com/ArcadiusKul
Oh no!! Sammie has just the only one Kinder Joy Egg to open !! So it's look like this video will be very short today !! But Daddy has an idea:) He is going to change this one small egg to the giant egg :) This idea is really cool, but can he really do that? Wow, have you seen something like that before: this small egg started to grow and it's becoming bigger and bigger :) Amazing!! Now, instead of small Kinder Surprise Egg, Sammie has Giant Kinder Joy Egg :) It is made from Play-Doh and it's really nice. Sammie is so happy, he cant wait to see, what kind of eggs he is going to find inside. The big, mysterious an egg !!. It is not the first big an egg made by Daddy from Play- Doh. Every time Sammie is so excited. This time he has found the Kinder Joy Eggs and something else inside. He has found also... Kinder Surprise Egg. So many surprises in one giant egg:) He had two eggs from Ester edition with lovely flowers on the plastic shell outside. The toy from the inside was really nice. Then he opened one an egg from Angry Birds Rio edition. He has found inside the plastic shell a lovely toy - bird. Next egg was from the newest edition - also Angry Birds. Also the toy from inside was from this theme. The next egg, which Sammie has opened, was from the same edition what the previous one, but this time the toy wasn't relevant to the Angry Birds - it is happen from time to time :) After this one Sammie decided to open Kinder Joy (older version), so he has found there the toy, which he knew already. The next egg, which Sammie has opened, was from Rio Angry Birds edition. It included the very interesting game. Daddy and Sammie tried to play with that and they really enjoyed it. When they finished, Sammie has chose the next egg to open. And as always he has found cool and small toy inside :) In the next egg he has found similar toy to the previous one, but not the same :) Finally he decided to open the regular Kinder Surprise Egg from Monsters University. What kind of toys did he found inside? Cant say.... But stay with us and check, what Sammie has found in the next Kinder Joy egg - he has found something really cool. The contents of the last two joy eggs really surprised Daddy and Sammie. The have found something unusual, what they've never had before, and something, what is really cool to play with. And, as always, Sammie had to try a lovely kinder chocolate ............yummy. So stay with us and check what kind of toys Sammie has found in those different type of Kinder Joy and Surprise Eggs :)

Our Giant Spider-Man Egg: youtu.be/LvK7ThZBO04

Our Angry Birds Play-Doh Big Egg: youtu.be/s1HKamq44SI

Giant Kinder Surprise Egg: youtu.be/w6LJo6w1POQ

Giant Bat Man Egg Play-Doh: youtu.be/ALIGW_FC9rc
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