Published on 23 Jan 2015 | over 2 years ago

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Iraq War 2015 - Insane Heavy Intense Clashes Fighting And Firefights Between Kurdish Peshmergas And ISIS During The Battle For Mosul. Kurdish fighters keep pushing towards Mosul to repcapture the town from the Islamic State. On their way they are facing heavy resistance and are involved in a lot heavy intense clashes fighting and firefights. Kurdish troops using heavy weapons to fight their way through ISIS hold territory and made major advances in the area of Mosul. With the usage of Milan rocket systems they managed to take out several ISIS vehicles and SVIBEDs. This is the second video from the battle that just started a few days ago. The footage clearly shows that Kurdish fighters backed by U.S. airstrikes from A-10s and other planes have now the upper hand in the battle. Since 2014 Iraq has become a fierce battlefield whith heavy fighting taking place on a daily basis.

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