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Published on 17 Feb 2013 | over 4 years ago

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Presented by Dr. Akram Jaffar, Ph.D.
February, 2013.

After completion of this video session you will be able to:
Trace the peritoneum in an imaginary simplified sagittal section.
Trace the peritoneum in a simplified transverse section oriented to match CT and MRI axial sections.
Describe the layers of peritoneum: visceral and parietal peritoneum
Understand the subdivisions of the peritoneal cavity: greater and lesser sacs
Classify the relationship of the viscera to the peritoneum: intraperitoneal and extraperitoneal
Locate peritoneal formations: peritoneal ligaments; omenta (greater omentum, lesser omentum, gastrosplenic omentum); mesenteries (mesentery of the small intestine, transverse mesocolon)
Summarize the boundaries of the eipiploic foramen.
Sketch the contents of the free border of the lesser omentum.
Illustrate the ligaments of the spleen.
Outline the ligaments of the liver.
Clarify how the growth of the liver divides the ventral mesentry.
Relate the embryonic rotation of the stomach to the formation of the lesser sac.

The video includes the following questions:
1. Identify the blood vessels which are located in the following peritoneal folds:
a.Lesser omentum.
b.Greater omentum.
c.Transverse mesocolon.
d.Mesentery of the small intestine.
2. What is the clinical significance of the relation of the peritoneum to the posterior vaginal fornix?
3. Identify the peritoneal pouch indicated by the pointer.
4. Enumerate the contents of the lienorenal ligament.
5. Which blood vessels are contained within the gastrosplenic ligament?
6. Enumerate the structures which are located in the lower border of the falciform ligament.
7. Identify the peritoneal pouch indicated by the pointer.
8. In life, what are the proximal and distal ends of each of the mid-gut and hindgut?

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