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Published on 20 Feb 2011 | over 6 years ago

Surah an-Nisa (The Women)
This surah was revealed in Madinah and has a total of 177 verses.

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Virtues of Surat An-Nisaa

Al-`Awfi reported that Ibn `Abbas said that Surat An-Nisa' was revealed in Al-Madinah. Ibn Marduwyah recorded similar statements from `Abdullah bin Az-Zubayr and Zayd bin Thabit. In his Mustadrak, Al-Hakim recorded that `Abdullah bin Mas`ud said, "There are five Ayat in Surat An-Nisa' that I would prefer to the life of this world and all that is in it,

[إِنَّ اللَّهَ لاَ يَظْلِمُ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَّةٍ]

(Surely, Allah wrongs not even the weight of an atom,) [4:40],

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Recitation of the Noble Qur'aan
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Wa Jazakoum Allah Khayraan.

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