Published on 10 Dec 2015 | about 1 year ago

Monitoring bedwetting in adults and stopping bedwetting for teens has never been easier. The advanced, easy to use Boost bed-side bedwetting alarm is designed to quickly monitor bedwetting in adults and stop bedwetting in teens and children.

This bed side bedwetting alarm comes with a novel extension feature enabling two or more alarms to be connected to simultaneously. This alerts the user, parent and/or caregiver when a bedwetting incident occurs. This means you can get alerted in your room while monitoring a bedwetter in other room.

Boost bedwetting alarm comes with an alert tone and 6 foot long cord. Fast detect technology soft cloth bed mat detects urine almost immediately and alerts the adults and/or caregiver when bedwetting occurs. This bedwetting alarm also wakes up teens and deep sleeper children at first drop of urine and can stop bedwetting permanently in just a few weeks.

Machine washable cloth bed mat has 10 pairs of urine sensing strips. Boost bedwetting alarm with its remote monitoring feature is a truly unique alarm.

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