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Published on 12 Sep 2015 | about 1 year ago

Dollar Shave Club: dollarshaveclub.com/PKA
PKA Patreon: www.patreon.com/pka
PKA on iTunes: bit.ly/PKAOniTunes
Our Guest: www.youtube.com/user/kwebbelkop

0:00 PKA 247 - Unplanned start & Ad Read
0:44 Dual comms after a tech issue suck (Woody's story)
2:24 Suicide hotlines have new records
2:40 Guest Introduction (Welcome, Kwebbelkop)
3:49 Survival Trip Talk (Murka's opinion)
6:00 Woody's a clean freak? (Kyle's Car)
9:26 What's the shitting situation?
13:02 Chicken Talk (Henrietta)
25:00 Fire talk
27:12 Most enraging thing done on the trip?
28:47 Chiz is not an outdoorsman (Shoes Talk)
31:00 Kyle's Shoes
33:30 Kyle's "Hunting" - Did it happen?
38:07 Connection to the outside world (during survival)
38:38 The cookies given to Kyle
41:10 What's camping in southern France like?
43:42 Amsterdam PKA Trip?
46:26 Video - Fun Scale (Memories from experiences)
53:57 Woody is thinking about future trips
58:17 Kyle vs. The Waitress
1:04:30 Recording of Kyle vs. Waitress
1:11:21 Henrietta Tasted good
1:13:45 What went wrong hunting?
1:16:14 How were the craw fish?
1:19:40 More hunting talk
1:23:10 Video - Cactus body slam
1:26:34 How much money did the video make?
1:28:20 Fat People Hate video (viral)
1:33:44 10k Syrian refugees coming to America
1:39:29 Guns not allowed in Netherlands
1:41:30 Kyle enjoyed having Patrick around
1:42:44 Woody wasn't actually hard on Patrick
1:43:50 Kyle, did you get mad at Woody? or Chiz?
1:46:50 Hosts watch Day 3 confessionals
1:58:58 The Hosts had a hard time in the woods (gross feeling)
2:03:30 Chiz & Smoking
2:05:30 Kyle does not want to do it again
2:07:35 YouTube content creators talk
2:13:30 Getting your CoD Trailer viral
2:14:24 MrTechincalDifficult's Ban got Woody nervous
2:16:23 What are you doing with your YouTube money?
2:21:13 Some YouTubers don't spend smart
2:24:14 Ad Read (DollarShaveClub)
2:27:23 is Kwebbelkop a word in Dutch?
2:29:06 Video - Weatherman nails pronouncing
2:31:40 Animal Game from PKA Survival
2:41:07 Anyone ever use the Oculus xxx?
2:45:02 Oculus Talk (Replacing jobs + video games)
3:21:22 Kyle changed his teachers homepage
3:23:30 Prostitution in Amsterdam
3:26:40 Selena DMs Kyle, Wings on Survival?
3:27:56 Video - Grinder Prank
3:32:20 What misconceptions did you have about sex?
3:37:50 Virginity / Condom Talk
3:42:55 Kyle hates Lewis C K Comedy / Comedy Talk
3:46:38 Joe Rogan is great, but not in comedy
3:47:27 Murka likes patrice oneil / More Comedy talk
3:57:44 Televangelists compared to Bill Cosby
3:59:25 Hannibal Burress called out Cosby for years
4:00:53 Kwebb, do people try and be fake friends?
4:07:28 Woody wants to make videos for BO3
4:08:05 Woody's Video - YouTube Talk
4:13:37 Colin played Slenderman

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