Published on 02 Nov 2015 | about 1 year ago

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Archived Webinar Workshop Replay Link Below: (Wednesday October 28, 2015 4:15 PM ET)

Need an 87% Edge to Lean On? Visual Energy Analysis (VEA) is the new kid on the block, it is Simple, Precise & Profound!

Can you back test? Yes, by using the red brick sell & green brick buy aspect of the trade chart (i.e. Renko FloBars)

for example,

1) can you draw a pink line from a crest of R or green line from a valley of S? yes!
2) can you wait for price to return to this line? yes!
3) can you see the line holding with your trade chart? yes!
4) can you pull the trigger when the Renko FloBars chart brick changes color? (i.e. red for short or green for long) yes!

Because Visual Energy Analysis is green or red (i.e. signal or no signal) the trader can look back in hindsight to view whether the AAA setup worked out or did not.

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