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Published on 23 Mar 2015 | about 1 year ago

This Tayo Season 2 compilation video has Singing contest, a new playground and finally Nana’s visiting the city! Who sings better between Tayo and Rogi?! Let's find out how they sing. It's way more fun than you think!

0:01 - 12:16 #05 Please Pick Me www.youtube.com/watch
12:17 - 23:15 #06 A New Playground! www.youtube.com/watch
23:16 - 35:24 #07 Nana Visits the City www.youtube.com/watch

5. Please Pick Me
Nuri had been humiliated at a singing contest she entered with Speed at a taxi get-together. This time she decides to enter with Tayo who can sing well. Suddenly, Rogi imposes himself on them, saying he wants to go, too. But Nuri can't go to the get-together with Rogi who has a terrible singing voice. So Nuri makes up an excuse and starts to practice songs with Tayo. Rogi's pride is hurt, so he keeps on disrupting their practice sessions. Will Nuri be able to get to the taxi get-together safe and sound?

6. A New Playground!
While on their route, Tayo and Rogi save the garbage truck, Rubby, from trouble. Later, they discover an old parking lot by chance and have such fun playing there that they return to the garage late. Tayo and Rogi are dirty from playing in the old and dusty parking lot. Hana and Cito scold them and tell them they are not allowed to play in the dirty old parking lot again. Incidentally, Rubby learns that Tayo and Rogi can't play in the old parking lot anymore and feels bad about it. He starts to think of what he can do for them.

7. Nana Visits the City
By chance, Tayo saves Nana who was in trouble. Nana lives in the country and she's visiting the city. So when Tayo shows her around the city in a very skillful manner, Nana thinks that Tayo is the boss of the buses. Tayo feels good upon hearing someone call him, "boss," so he doesn't deny it, and then parts ways with Nana. But after Tayo gets back to the garage from his route, he sees Nana with the other little buses. Afraid that the others will know he had boasted to Nana, he quickly takes her out of the garage. Nana says that she wants to go to City Tower, a place she's never been before. Tayo heads toward City Tower, not knowing what to do, because he doesn't want Nana to find out that he had lied about being the boss.

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