Published on 25 Sep 2012 | over 4 years ago

The Magdalene Sisters 2002
A videó le van tiltva a következő helyeken: Németország
1996. szeptember 25. Írországban bezár az utolsó Magdalen Asylums, ahol a "megtévedt" nőket a katolikus egyház rabszolgamunkára kényszerítette és fogva tartotta. (Ld. Peter Mullan The Magdalene Sisters című 2002-es filmjét.

The Magdalen Asylum for Penitent Prostitutes

The Magdalen Hospice was opened in buildings formerly occupied by the Old London Infirmary, on August 10th 1758 to reform and educate women that worked in prostitution or had 'fallen from virtue'. The buildings were leased through the fund raising efforts of Dr William Dodd, a famous clergyman, speaker, after-dinner orator and Masonic Grand Chaplin, nicknamed the macaroni parson because of his extravagant lifestyle. He was convicted of fraud in 1777, and despite public protest, was the last person hanged for forgery in England.

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