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Published on 05 May 2013 | over 3 years ago

Snake In The Monkey's Shadow (1979). Kung fu movie starring John Cheung, Wilson Tong, Charlie Chan, King Lee. Directed by Cheung Sam.

Infamous Snake Style master Sia Sa, vows to become the worlds best martial artist. But, when he challenges Monkey Style master Koo, he is beaten badly, ashamed, and vows to get revenge.....Three years later, young fishmonger Liang is beaten up and humiliated by the local, snotty, rich siblings of the Yan family. Wishing he could get even, he goes to the towns martial arts school, a place he has peaked in on before, and begs its instructor, Drunken Style expert- Master Ho, to teach him. His efforts to convince the teacher are null, and he tries to bribe Master Ho with wine, which they both sit down and drink until Liang passes out. Liang wakes up in a field with a cobra staring directly at him, luckily, Monkey Style master Koo is now a hermit living in the area, and he saves Liang from being envenomated. Koo offers to teach him Monkey Style, but Liang decides that any style of martial arts that involves fighting snakes is "too dangerous", so he goes back to try and convince Master Ho. Master Ho eventually relents into giving Liang a job as clean up boy, lackey, janitor. Liang watches the others train and tries his best to mimic the training while he mops the floor and does all the other dirty work.

Even though he is learning from afar, Liang proves himself adept at Drunken Style, so Master Ho takes him under his wing and begins to train him one on one. One day while going to repay Koo for saving him, Liang runs into the Yan brothers again, and this time is confident that he can beat them. He even goes so far as to insult the eldest Yan brothers Tiger and Crane Style, telling him he looks like "a crippled duck". He soundly trounces the Yan brothers, leaving them bruised, bloodied, and angered. The Yan brothers go home and complain to their father, which leads to a further scuffle between Master Ho and the Yan father. Unable to beat Master Ho and punish Liang, the Yan father hires two deadly Snake Style experts, one of whom is Sia Sa, to seek revenge, which they do, and they even defeat Koo when Liang runs to him for help. Now alone, Liang must figure out a way to beat the two snake style experts and get revenge. Could combining the two styles, Drunken and Monkey be the way to do it?

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