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Published on 02 Feb 2015 | over 3 years ago

Women you won’t believe exist! These unbelievable photos are of some of the tallest shortest, heaviest, strongest, and sexiest women alive.

Today we look at 14 women you won’t believe exist! These unusual and amazing women will surprise you!

Elisany Da Silva born in 1995 is the tallest teen in the world at 6ft 9 inches (2.06M) tall. She grew so tall because of a tumor on her pituitary gland which doctors have since removed. She is engaged to her boyfriend who is only 5ft 4 in. (1.63 M)

Would you believe there is someone born in the 1800’s still alive today (in 2015) Well Misao Okawa was born in 1898 and is currently 116 years old. What’s her secret? this will blow your mind: Eat and sleep. But she does also say to learn to relax. The oldest known person to ever live was a French woman who lived to 122 years.

Venus Palermo aka Venus Angelic born in 1997 in Switzerland is famous for her close resemblance to a doll. Through a combination of makeup and special circle contact lenses she’s able to achieve a very doll-like appearance. She has a youtube channel where she gives makeup tutorials

Julia Gnuse aka “The illustrated lady” has the world record for being the most tattooed person in the world. She has 95% of her body covered. What’s interesting about her besides the tattoos is the reason she got them. She has a skin condition called porphyria which causes blisters on her skin when it’s exposed to sunlight. She got tattoos to cover up the blisters.

This is Yaya Han as Jessica Rabbit. Yaya participates in what is known as cosplay which is word derived from costume play where people dress up as fictional characters. There are cosplay conventions around the world and people usually dress up as comic book, science fiction, anime, or video game characters. Besides being a cosplay model she also is a costume designer having created almost 300 costumes. She has cosplayed snow white, catwoman, Chun Li from streetfighter, and many more.

Aneta Florczyk is a Polish strongwoman and is the winningest strongwoman in the world. She benches 297 lbs (135kg), squats 540lbs (245kg), and deadlifts 595 lbs (270kg). She also has the world record for frying pan rolling, rolling 5 pans in a minute.

Asha Mandela has the world’s record for longest dreadlocks. Just how long are they? 19 ft 6in (5.9m) and 39lbs (17.6kg). One strand reportedly measures 55 ft long (16.7M). She’s been growing them for 25 years. How does she carry them around? She has a special bag she wears over her shoulders to stuff the dreads in

A german woman named Michelle Kobke has achieved a 16 inch waist by wearing a corset for 3 years. Her dreams is to have a 15 inch waist

Mikel Ruffinelli has the world record for widest hips. At 5ft 4 inches (1.63M) tall, Her hips measure an unbelievable 8ft (2.4 m) in circumference, by comparison her waist is only 40 inches (102cm). At 420lbs she drives a truck because she can’t fit in a car and has to often walk thru doors sideways. She says her husband Reggie is her biggest fan.

Ataye Eligidagne is an Ethiopian woman who has the largest lip disc in the world measuring 7.6 inches (19.5 cm) across. The discs are considered a way of attracting a husband. In order to get the discs women have their bottom two front teeth knocked out.

Valeria Lukyanova aka Human Barbie born in 1985 in the Moldova is famous for her pictures in which she looks like a human barbie doll. What you may not know about her is that she says she’s a professional mountain climber. Apparently she also has a new-age “spiritual” side. She is a teacher at the school of out-of-body travel and was featured in a documentary called Space Barbie.
Some people think she has had surgery to remove some of her ribs to give her a tinier waist, she denies this saying she has only had breast augmentation. What do you think?

Mandy Sellars was born in 1975. Even at birth she had very large feet and it was evident that something was wrong. Her legs continued to grow at an abnormal rate. In 2009 it was estimated that her legs alone weighed 210 lbs (95kg) and that her upper body weighed 84 lbs (38 kg)
Her condition is believed to be caused by ( PIK3CA mutation) gene mutation
In 2010 she had to have her left foot amputated

Charity Pierce is the world’s heaviest woman at 765 lbs (346 kg). You might think a 765 lb woman would be single but you’d be wrong. In fact at 38 Charity has a 22-year old finance Tony Sauer whom she said she had sex with 4 times a day in the beginning of their relationship. Interestingly she has a daughter not from her fiance Tony but from her fiance’s older brother Jimmy

Jyoti Amge born in 1993 is an Indian woman who is the world’s smallest woman measuring only 2 ft (62.8 cm) tall. Her height is caused by a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia. Both her parents are normal height.
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