Published on 24 Jan 2014 | over 3 years ago

Punishments Of The Grave ᴴᴰ
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Video Courtesy of The Islam Revival YT Channel

When you die are you certain you'll actually rest in peace? Are you aware of the punishments in the grave and that many people will suffer them, including Muslims? And are you prepared for the enormity of the Day of Judgement? In the early morning hours on the 26th of Ramadan, a standing-room audience in a Northern Virginia masjid addresses these pressing questions as they are taken on a journey through the world of the hereafter from the Islamic perspective. Step aboard the real "soul train" and follow your tour guide Ahmed Sidky as he navigates to five main destinations: Death, the Grave, the Day of Judgement, Hellfire and Paradise. Vivid, bone-chilling accounts of certain events and experiences after death will put you on the edge of your seat and inspire within you a sense of humility, urgency, fear and hope. Which path will your soul take upon death? The path of difficulty and pain or the path of comfort and tranquility? Learn about the test of faith that takes place at death, the interrogation in the grave, the resurrection of Prophet Muhammad (P), the seven types of people who will be protected in the Hereafter, and the relief of those fortunate enough to actually embrace the Prophet (P). Brother Ahmed makes this journey a personal one as he asks you to close your eyes and to sincerely envision your soul experiencing each stage of this journey. From the moment of death to the resurrection; from the arrival of the "raging beast" of Hellfire to the intercession of Prophet Muhammad (P); from a vision of Paradise to the highest achievement of seeing Allah himself! You will be moved to tears as you reflect on your mortality and the inevitable reality that is the Hereafter.

In this channel i want to upload interesting and useful reminders for Muslims and Non Muslims,to be helpful to remind how to behave and act in this world to achieve jannah in ahira, what is the purpose of this life, why are we in this world, who we actually are and what is true Islam,how we should live this life, To follow sunnah of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) hope everybody will find right path In Sha Allah, support us and share the video if u liked, JazakALLAHu Khair

I decided to share these amazing videos with you everybody, Thank you for brothers who runs channels TheDailyReminder , The Merciful Servant (They gave me their permission to reupload their videos) and other Dawah channels, make Allah reward them and us with Jannah, Say Amin. :)

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