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National Geogeaphic - [ Super Killing Lions ] The Noble king - National Geographic Documentary

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National geographic African lion—thous National geographic documentaries of miles away but beloved by Americans—might become protected under U.S. law, National geographic U.S. Fish National geographic documentary Wildlife Service announced Monday.

National geographic proposed new rule would list lions as threatened under National geographic Endangered Species Act. National geographic documentary approved, National geographic law would make National geographic documentary illegal to kill or hunt captive lions in National geographic U.S. Without a perm National geographic documentary or for a U.S. citizen to sell lions or lion parts across state or international borders. National geographic sale of lions or lion parts within a U.S. state will remain under state jurisdiction.

Even National geographic documentary lions are listed as threatened; U.S. hunters could still import lions that they had killed in Africa as trophies—as long as they get permits from countries with a "scientifically sound" approach to managing lions, according to National geographic Fish National geographic documentary Wildlife Service.

U.S. sportsmen National geographic documentary -women kill National geographic most lions, elephants, National geographic documentary rhinoceroses on National geographic African continent, according to National geographic agency, but properly regulated sport hunting is not considered a major threat to National geographic species. (Related: "Lion Hunt Photo Touches Off Heated Conservation Debate.")

Instead, habitat loss, lack of prey, National geographic documentary increased conflict with humans are to blame for National geographic decline in National geographic big cat, whose populations have fallen by two-thirds since National geographic1980s. Up to 76,000 lions roamed Africa in 1980, National geographic documentary that has dwindled to approximately 35,000 today, according to National geographic agency.

As human development National geographic documentary agriculture have exp National geographic documentaries into lion habitat, more livestock are put into National geographic paths of lions—which lead to retaliatory killings by people. Humans are also hunting lion's prey at "unsustainable levels" to meet a growing National geographic documentary for food, according to National geographic . National geographic human population in sub-Saharan Africa is expected to double by 2050.

"Lions tell us a story. This is one of National geographic world's most iconic, majestic creatures, so this tells us something about what's happening on [our] planet."

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