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Published on 30 Dec 2014 | over 2 years ago

World's weirdest birth defects. These 5 Very Bizarre & Rare Birth Defects are so strange that they are often mistakes for hybrid creatures or alien beings.

- There’s a condition called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

- With this disease people grow bone in injured areas where we would normally grow back skin or tissue.

- As they progress in life so much excess bone forms it begins to fuse their joints & become very debilitating.

- Surgery isn’t an option because if the excess bone was removed even more bone would form in its place as their body heeled from the surgery.

- Anencephaly is where a baby is born without a spinal cord or brain, and they typically die during childbirth

- Some survive born with a basic brain stem but they are usually blind, deaf & unable to feel pain.

- And without cerebrum they never gain consciousness, But they do have bodily reflex reactions to sound or touch & can breathe.

- Cyclopia, named after the famous mythical creature, Is exactly what you’d expect.

- A child is born with just 1 eye in the middle of their head.

- As far as we know there were no cases in ancient Greece that started the mythology.

- Cyclopia seems to be a modern defect believed to be caused as a side effect by certain cancer treatment drugs taken by pregnant women.

- Craniopagus Parasiticus Is a condition similar to siamesee twins but in this case there is only an extra head from an unborn twin attached to the normally developed child.

- Of 10 recorded cases only 3 survived birth.

- And in only 1 case was the second head functional., able to suckle, blink, cry & even smile

- Foetus in Foetu is a condition where a persaon is born with his twin inside of them, usually making them look pregnant.

- The twin inside basically lives off it’s sibling like a parasite in the body.

- Fortunately here surgery CAN usually remove the undeveloped twin with no lasting effects on developed sibling.

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1) Growing the Brain Veins [Particle Flow Frost Tutorial] © Particle Skull (Vimeo)

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