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Published on 22 Dec 2013 | over 3 years ago

25TH SEPT 2016 NOTE: I DO NOT work on this series anymore since I'm more likely an anime editor now, I apologize that I rarely do non/disney crossovers anymore but it's just a lot of work for me and my taste has changed. I still do support Jackunzel as it is always one of my OTPS, but I may not continue this series anymore. I will try to one day, where I do have lots of free time. But I am an extremely busy person. So please DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to me if you're only into this, I rarely do videos based on non/disney crossovers anymore. I rather be subscribed for what I do overall. I hope that's understandable. P.S Comments are disabled due to a few Jelsa fans complaining about it being Jackunzel, I apologize to those Jelsa fans who respect it, but I really can't handle being spammed on my notifications about Jelsa on this video. I appreciate the support given, thanks guys! :D

MisticalSeaMermaid - The scene with Rapunzel and Jack waking up
sailormandm - Maskings
WaitingxInxSilence - Maskings

Jack and Rapunzel are married, they are King and Queen. They have 2 daughters, Elsa and Anna. Elsa is mostly on her father's side (With his eyes, almost same colour hair and same abilities). Anna is mostly on her mother's side (With her hair, wanting freedom). One night, Elsa and Anna went to play in the kingdom using Elsa's powers but suddenly she slipped and accidentally shot a power at Anna. Elsa screamed for Jack and Rapunzel as they rush towards them both. Rapunzel used her healing powers to heal Anna but she has lost her memory about Elsa's power, Jack and Rapunzel agreed to never tell anyone including Anna about the power that Elsa must try her best to keep it hidden.

So years pass by, Elsa and Anna never talk anymore because Elsa refuses to be near Anna. Rapunzel suddenly gets a vision of Elsa becoming evil and killing people, she talks to Jack about it but he doesn't believe that will happen.

Couple of years later, it was Elsa's birthday and they all decided to celebrate it by inviting people all around the world to their kingdom. Jack told Elsa that she'll be alright as long as she can control her power. Rapunzel and Anna were over joyed meeting the people but then Anna wanted to talk to Elsa. While they talk, Anna wanted to know why Elsa shuts her out, she refused to answer and suddenly orders to close the gates. Anna got shocked and went for Elsa, the both sisters argued then suddenly Elsa could no longer control her power and let her anger out on her sister.

Everyone was shocked... Elsa ran outside until Rapunzel gets in her way, Elsa warns her mother to stay away but suddenly she hits her with her powers and Rapunzel falls. Jack rushed towards her as Elsa runs away from her home. The guardian tells them that Rapunzel will die because Elsa has frozen her heart, causing Anna and Jack to get worried that they both went to find Elsa to save Rapunzel but instead..

Elsa meets Pitch, she decided to team up with him but didn't realise that she was killing her family... the winter spreads around the whole kingdom then storms spread and Rapunzel was dying, until then.. Pitch came into her room and was about to put an end to it... -The rest of the story is up to you-

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