Published on 25 Aug 2016 | 8 months ago

알고보면 재밌는 영화 고스트버스터즈 이스터 에그 [미스터크랙]
Ghostbusters 2016 easter eggs
Boredom can do strange, strange things...

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Ok, I know this is a little early (a full week early, in fact) but Halloween's coming up so I though I'd do something... ghost related? I dunno. Ghostbusters isn't really very "halloween-ey" but shut up, it was fun!
Anyway, I was very drunk when I recorded this so excuse anything stupid you might see and I'm not sure why I went mental in the solo at the end but I did, so apologies for that.

Anyway, this is my cover of the Ghostbusters Theme by Ray Parker Jr.

Everything was recorded live (i.e, not mimed) and the top 2 guitars were semi-improvised (as you can probably tell!).


Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe (50th Anniversary) - Lace Gold pickups
Italia Mondial - Dimarzio pickups
BOSS ME-70 effects pedal
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Ableton Live
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Logitech Webcam (I forget the make)

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