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Published on 01 Jan 2014 | over 3 years ago

A Mirpuri/Pothwari drama by Dadyal Online Productions (http://www.dadyal.pk). Maal aur Amaal was filmed in November/December 2013 in Dadyal, Azad Kashmir. Written, produced, directed, filmed and edited by Sameer Hussain. Episode 2 was released on 1st January 2014. Follow Dadyal Online at: facebook.com/dadyaal .

Episode 1: youtu.be/robOlvUFvm8
Episode 2: youtu.be/Ak1ot9aObA0
Episode 3: youtu.be/K1dfKf6DujM
Episode 4: youtu.be/3jc2gWxOsSk
Episode 5: youtu.be/D8kz4qpN-wU

Reflection on Episode 2 of Maal aur Amaal

In Episode 2 of Maal aur Amaal, Mahmood and Waqas manage to sell a buffalo which is dying to Parvez who is visiting Dadyal after being in UK for the last ten years. Parvez makes the mistake of trusting Waqas and further sweet talk from Mahmood leads to him having full faith in them as reliable businessmen. Parvez doesn't know anything about buffaloes and his behaviour gives this away. Mahmood is quick to realise that they can get away with selling him the buffalo and even charge him a lot more than what anyone else would pay.

Moral of this aspect of the story is that when you're buying something you know little about then it makes sense to take a friend or a relative with you and don't rush to buy something. You can't trust people so easily even if they give you plenty of sweet talk. A lot of British visitors become victims of crafty people when they visit Pakistan. Once you've paid then it becomes very hard, almost impossible to get your money back - the nice treatment you received when buying will be a thing of the past. Parvez then seeks help from Chaudhary Saleem who first pressurises Mahmood and threatens him by telling him that he will be behind bars. When Mahmood realises that he is under pressure, he asks Chaudhary Saleem for some time who then takes the conversation away from Parvez. Mahmood offers Chaudhary Saleem a bribe to take care of the problem but after declining the amount, he eventually agrees to a bribe of 50,000 Rs. Then Chaudhary Saleem changes his tune and explains to Parvez that he should take the incident as bad luck and move on.

The story is exaggerated no doubt but these kind of incidents are common in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir where often the person who helps you on a case is somehow benefiting from you. For example, if you need some documents and somebody promises you that they can get you them for a certain amount of money and they keep a cut for themselves without telling you.

It's a real shame because they are not being honest and their income is not halal because they are conning people to earn money. The money that Mahmood and Waqas made from selling the buffalo is haram (hiding the defects of something that you sell) and the bribe that Chaudhary Saleem took is haram. Parvez earnt that money through hard work but it was taken away from him by con men. Parvez has already spent a lot of money on buying tickets for his family to visit Pakistan, this is the last thing he needed.

Sadly, this is one of the biggest issues in Pakistan i.e. corruption. How can Pakistan expect investment from Overseas Pakistanis when people are waiting to con them from the moment they arrive at the airport?

Our people forget that nothing is hidden from Allah and those that earn haram must face the consequences of their actions.

My intention in this drama is not to give a bad or a good impression of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, but instead to show the truth and the reality of what is happening. I believe that corruption is the main reason behind the problems faced by our nation and it's not just the leaders that are involved in it. The best way to show love for your country is not to always sing its praise but to find and highlight its problems to promote awareness of social issues with the intent of encouraging people to acknowledge their mistakes and inspiring them to change. This is the path that leads to the betterment of a society.


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