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Published on 29 Sep 2012 | over 4 years ago

Indira believes that if she pays the water bill from her salary it would be difficult for her to run the house for the entire month. She believes that if Radhe had brought an appropriate tenant, she would have taken an advance amount from the tenant and would have cleared the dues. Indira phones Radhe and asks him to find a tenant as soon as possible. Radhe informs her that he had managed to find a tenant, who was ready to give three months rent in advance. However, Munna intervened and spoiled the matter. To handle the situation, Indira assures Radhe that she will meet him at Chandni Chowk by afternoon. On her way to Chandni Chowk, Indira gets into an argument with a young, handsome boy Rishi over a rickshaw. Rishi is just landed in Delhi and is looking for a house on rent. Both Indira and Rishi insist that they hailed the auto first and claim their right to travel in it. The driver of the rickshaw tells Indira that Rishi had hailed the rickshaw first. He adds that she too could travel in the rickshaw and share the rent as Rishi too wanted to go to Chandni Chowk. Keeping her urgency in mind, Indira agrees. While traveling in the rickshaw, Indira gets a call from her office. Her manager asks her to receive Mrs Dharampal from the airport and accompany her for shopping in the city. When Indira asks the rickshaw driver to halt the vehicle, Rishi states that Indira never wanted to go to Chandni Chowk and actually wanted a free ride. Indira hands over her share of the fare to Rishi and asserts that she did not take favors from men as she hates them. Rishi mocks Indira for her attitude towards men. Indira gets furious; however she avoids arguing with Rishi. Indira calls up Radhe and informs him that she will get late to meet him as she is caught up with work. Radhe tells Indira that he will handle the situation. Indira receives Mrs Dharampal from the airport and accompanies her for shopping. The story takes an interesting turn, as the tenant who was supposed to meet Indira was none other than Rishi. Radhe tells Rishi that he has to leave since it was late and his wife was waiting for him at home. Before leaving, Radhe hands over his shop keys to Rishi for him to rest for the night. While going home, Indira fails to notice Rishi who was standing on the street. Ishaan's father gifts a necklace to his wife. The moment Indira knocks at the door, Ishaan's mother decides to open the door, Ishaan's father stops her. Mandira, who is also present in the house, ignores the door as she is busy conversing on the phone. Fatigued after a hard day at work, Indira gets apprehensive as no one was answering the door.

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