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Published on 27 Dec 2013 | over 3 years ago

Hazrat Moosa (a.s) Islamic Movie Urdu Part(1/6)
Through many chains the lineage of Hazrat Moosa reaches Hazrat Yaqoob. His father's name was Imraan and his mother's name was "Yukabad". Hazrat Moosa was born at that time when Firown had commanded that all the Israelite male babies were to be killed. In spite of this his birth was kept a secret for three months. During this dangerous and critical phase, Allaah Ta'ala sent down his assistance. Allaah Ta'ala inspired Hazrat Moosa's mother to make a coffin-like box, smear it with grease and resin (so that water could not seep in). Then she placed the child securely inside the box, and set it afloat in the River Nile. She also instructed her eldest daughter, Hazrat Moosa's sister to walk along the river bank following the box. She was to observe how Allaah Ta'ala will fulfil his promise of protection. Allaah Ta'ala had prior to this informed Hazrat Moosa's mother:
Moses is also very important in Islam for having been given the revelation of the Torah, which is considered to be one of the true revealed scriptures in Muslim theology, and Muslims generally hold that much of the Torah is confirmed and repeated in the Qur'an. Moreover, according to Islamic tradition, Moses was one of the many prophets Muhammad met in the event of the Mi'raj, when he ascended through the seven heavens.In Muslim belief, Moses is regarded as having urged Muhammad during his Mi'raj to reduce the number of prayers until they were only five remaining, which are regarded as being the five obligatory prayers. Moses is further revered in Islamic literature, which expands upon the incidents of his life and the miracles attributed to him in the Qur'an and hadith, such as his direct conversation with God.

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