Published on 18 Jan 2016 | 11 months ago

Newt's Boots - 35 seconds short story on how Reptile FX Animation Studio explains Newton's Anti-Gravity Boots to his customers and helps him grow his business & increase sales. Let us explain your business too!

How an Animated Explainer Video from Reptile FX Animation Studio can help your business explain, market & sell your products or services.

Video Transcript:
Newton was sad.
Until Reptile FX Animation Studio made an awesome explainer video!
Now customers get him.
They share the video.
It tops Google.
Boom! It's already viral.
His anti-gravity boots sell out.
Competition falls.
Newton's Boots rule.
Thanks to Reptile FX Animation Studio.
So go on.
Call Reptile FX Animation Studio.
Unleash your awesomeness.
We'd love to create animated videos & commercials for you.

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Music Credits:
"Let It Be Christmas" by Nicolai Heidlas:
Licensed Under CC BY 4.0:
The full song is available directly from Nicolai Heidlas at

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