Published on 21 Sep 2016 | 4 months ago

#Xclusive TeaV from #Top10s counts down the the top 10 YOUNGEST Moms Of All Time Ever.

Puberty, which is the process of a child’s body maturing into an adult one that is capable of sexual reproduction, usually begins in girls when they’re around ten to eleven years of age. The major landmark of female puberty is menarche, which in simple terms is the onset of menstruation. This process of puberty is then usually considered complete by the time girls reach sixteen to seventeen years of age. However, there are several documented cases of extremely early onsets of puberty and menarche, known as “precocious puberty”.

Precocious puberty may be brought about by a tumor in or an injury to the brain, among others, but whatever the cause of precocious puberty, girls who experience it often otherwise end up leading normal lives. But shockingly, a few of the girls who undergo premature menarche end up conceiving at unbelievably young ages. Undeniably, what makes such cases so scandalous is that obviously, these girls engaged in sexual intercourse for their pregnancies to take place, thus giving rise to the certainty of child abuse having been committed against the minors.

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