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Published on 03 Mar 2015 | about 1 year ago

Top 5 Most Bizarre World Records. Some of the most bizarre world records are shown in this video. These world records are all pretty unique and extreme. Some are serious, some are silly!

Top 5 Most Bizarre World Records

5. Highest Dive Into The Shallowest Pool

This record is currently held by Darren Taylor, who took a real dive from a starting point thirty-six feet high, into a pool that was just 1 foot(!) deep. It marked Taylor’s thirteen Guinness record. Taylor works as a professional stunt diver, explaining why he was able to pull of this amazing stunt.

4. Most T-Shirts Worn

The record for the most T-shirts worn at one time by a single person has been broken numerous times recently, so don’t expect the current record to stand for long. Currently, a young man named Sanath Bandara from Sri Lanka, holds the record for the most T-shirts worn by a person at a time, at two hundred and fifty-seven shirts.

3. Longest Fingernails

With fingernails nearly 20 feet long, Chris The Duchess Walton set the record for the world's longest nails, which took 18 years to grow. That must be one expensive manicure. The 45-year-old singer from Las Vegas known as The Duchess is now part of the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records for her fingernails that measure 10 feet 2 inches on her left hand and 9 feet 7 inches on her right.

2. Most Weight Balanced On Head

John Evans made worldwide news when he balanced a whole car on his head. The car was a three hundred and fifty pound Mini, and Evans balanced the car for over half a minute. It may sound physically impossible to balance an entire car on one’s head, but Evans has a very thick neck that measures a circumference of over twenty-four inches, giving him the unique ability to put strenuous pressure on his neck.

1. Biggest Tumor

Doctors have removed what is believed to be the world’s largest tumor from a man’s leg – after it grew to more than 238(!) Lbs. Yang Jianbin, 37, from Shanxi Province, China was born with a dark birthmark on the right side of his lower back – and noticed it getting larger since he was nine. Not before he turned 37 did doctors finally remove the growth, that had grown to a frightening size...

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