Published on 29 May 2014 | over 2 years ago

Akbar Birbal stories are an integral part of rich Indian heritage. These are the most popular stories among all age groups that inculcate moral values and virtues. This collection of stories is based on the relationship shared between Akbar and Biral. Akbar was an illiterate king who ruled the Mughal Empire between 1542 and 1605 and Birbal was one among the learned people whom Akbar had invited to his court. After the two met at the court they exchanged wisdom and sentiments with each other that was later compiled to fascinating stories that imparted a moral.

Akbar Birbal Part 5 includes the following stories:

1. The Reward = 00.30
2. The Trange Latter = 09.10
3. Magical Sticks = 19.52

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