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Published on 02 Dec 2012 | over 3 years ago

Epic misusage @ 10:40

Apherite or also known as Poseidon's Princess is a minor character and unwilling ally of Kratos in God of War III. She is a lover as well as a slave of Poseidon, being chained up in his personal quarters.

The Poseidon Princess is a young, half-naked woman. Her breasts are exposed by her outfit. She wears a tiara in her hair and is always barefoot.

Kratos meets the princess in Poseidon's Chamber, where she is crying for help. As Kratos makes his way over to her, she declares that she does not want help from him, probably fearing the Spartan's brutal reputation. Regardless, Kratos cuts her chains and leads her through the hallways, even saving her from falling into a pit of spikes, only to use her to hold up a crank that keeps two doors open. After Kratos heads through the doors, she is crushed by the weight of the crank. Kratos can return to observe her remains, as her feet stick out of a pool of her own blood in the crank's shaft.

A letter from Poseidon is found the chambers of his princess. The letter reads:

Dearest beloved, I ask your forgiveness for making you the subject of my rage. It is not you who angered me so, but my brother and his refusal to harness the great power he hides within the labyrinth. A storm is brewing and Zeus provides Olympus with no harbour. Only the comforts found in your arms give me rest.

Family Member/s

◾Poseidon (lover/cousin) †
◾Atlas (son)
◾Oceanus (father)
◾Tethys (mother)

Voiced by Erin Matthews

Shortly after the fight with Hercules, you will come to Poseidon's Chamber. In here, there is a girl that is in need of help. This is the Poseidon Princess. Since Poseidon is now dead, she has no reason to be there anymore and she wants to leave.

Eventually you will get to a spot where you have to carry her to a switch that opens the door you need to go through. The door won't stay open on its own, so place the Poseidon Princess in the switch alcove and she will hold it up long enough for you to get through the door and then she will get crushed by the weight of the door.

To get "I didn't do it...But I wish I did!" bloody Bronze Trophy you have to kill the Sexy Poseidon Princess Murder against instincts

Warning: Noob style gameplay! Age-restricted content 18+

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