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Published on 27 Mar 2014 | over 2 years ago

Help Getting Pregnant - Best Position To Get Pregnant - Karma Sutra Positions...!!

Watch this video. The best sex positions to get pregnant. Plus, find out which positions to go for to conceive a boy or a girl. Enjoy!

1. The splitting bamboo

The woman raises her leg over one of the man's shoulders. He straddles over her thigh and enters using her leg to support himself. This position allows an angle that can reach the G-spot.

2. The union of the wolf

The two lovers are standing, the woman turning her back to her partner. The man grabs her from the waist, penetrating her from behind. She then lets her chest fall completely forward, holding herself on a lower stand like a chair, low table or cushions. This position allows the sperm to better access the cervix.

3. The missionary

To get into the missionary position, the woman lies on her back, while the man is facing down on top of her. In order to obtain a deeper penetration angle, the woman can place few cushions under her buttocks. Perhaps one of the more boring entries in the Karma Sutra, the missionary position is said to be the best for conceiving a girl.

4. The drill

The woman lies on her back, wrapping her legs around the partner who penetrates her from above. This is very similar to the Missionary position, but the raising legs of the woman make a significant improvement in the penetration angle.

5. The union of the oyster

The woman lies on her back, bending her knees, while the man enters from a kneeling position. The man can support some of his weight on her legs.

6. The union of the cow

This is a version of doggy style and is well suited to women who have a tipped uterus. The woman is kneeling while the man kneels, penetrating from behind. Like the union of the wolf, this position allows the sperm to better access the cervix.

7. The indra

The woman lies on her back, raising her hips whilst the man kneels in front of her, penetrating.

8. The anvil

The woman lies on her back and pulls her knees to his shoulders. The man enters between the thighs of the woman.

9. The padlock

The woman sits on a high piece of furniture and sits on the edge and supports herself with her arms behind her. He stands in front while she wraps her legs around him.

10. The double decker

This position makes it onto both gender lists for conception, and that's because it's all about control. If you were hoping for a boy, you would allow deep penetration in this position. Since you are hoping for a girl though, you will be charged with maintaining shallow penetration during sex.

11. The suspended scissors

This position is for the more energetic and the woman will definitely need to possess some upper arm strength. She lies off the edge of the bed on her side, just with her calves, ankles and feet still on the mattress. She supports herself with her left arm and he holds her up from her waist. He steps over her left leg and holding her other leg up enters her while she dangles precariously off the bed. It's generally thought that positions where the man is standing up helps to conceive a boy!

Help Getting Pregnant - Best Position To Get Pregnant - Karma Sutra Positions

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