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Published on 13 Jul 2013 | over 3 years ago

Zeus' Barrier continues to fight against Nemesis' power. Rago attempts to power Nemesis up more, but fails as the Barrier shrinks around Nemesis. The Fragment from Hades' Fusion Wheel flashes slightly as the Barrier stops Nemesis' power. The weather conditions around the globe are fixed as a result. Team Wild Fang, Wang Hu Zhong, Excalibur and Lovushka are seen celebrating as the world returns to normal. The Barrier forms a sphere around Nemesis and eventually sends a beam upwards, seemingly sending Nemesis back out of the world. The temple begins to collapse as Rago and Pluto collapse, knowing that their efforts have become futile. The Legendary Bladers and the remaining Bladers sprint out of the temple, with Aguma barely making it to the exit. Pluto curses at the Legendary Bladers as the temple explodes from existence. The Gang is hurt from the explosion, but manage to find the strength to get back up and look at what they caused. King and Masamune jump over to Gingka and hug him, with Yuki exclaiming that he did it, while Gingka disagrees and says that everyone did it. Gingka tells Kyoya that he did well, but Kyoya becomes angry. Yu and Tithi tease Kyoya over this, causing him to playfully shout at them. Gingka also applauds Chris, Dynamis, and Aguma for their help after switching sides, to which they all blush. Gingka also applauds Kenta for his work as a Legendary Blader, to which Kenta thanks him, and then thinks about Ryuga while staring at his new Sagittario. Helicopters arrive with Ryo, Hikaru, Benkei, Zeo and Toby cheering them. In another helicopter is the Blader DJ, reporting to the world with the news that Nemesis has been stopped. He lists all the Bladers involved and their past immediately before the screen cuts to views of cities. Kyoya states that he dislikes the attention and becomes angry once again. Dark power suddenly shoots up into the sky from where the Stadium once was, with Diablo Nemesis appearing once again. Everyone is shocked by this, when suddenly the true form of Nemesis appears, with Rago and Pluto fused into it. Pluto reveals that a shard from Hades pierced the barrier, allowing the full power of Nemesis to be released, rather than Nemesis to be sealed away and everyone remains shocked. While everyone remains shocked, Nemesis begins letting off a dark energy spiral around it, causing helicopters to be thrown off-balance. Everyone attaches their Beys to their Launchers, but Masamune collapses after using all his strength to pierce Nemesis' barrier but gets back up and prepares to battle. Everyone then launches and Nemesis takes on the shadow forms of each Bey, except Libra, and attacks them with even more power than before. It threw Earth Eagle, Flame Libra, Jade Jupiter, Blitz Striker, and Mercury Anubius back, destroying them and stopping them from spinning expect the Bladers of the Four Seasons beys and three of the Solar System beys. Each Blader exclaims about their Bey while Blader DJ provides commentary on the battle while Gingka stares at Nemesis.
As Nemesis' fury continues to grow and rage a dark, shadow-like force is emitted from Nemesis to Earth. The large thunderclouds of darkness soon reaches every continent on Earth and as the thunder rages on, Nemesis creates The Black Sun. An apocalypse travels around the globe with earthquakes and civilians try to shelter themselves, desperate for help. Blader DJ announces all of this as the whole world, in fear watches the ongoing action appearing. The beyblades against Nemesis still continue to struggle, as they are having a very difficult time to assault Nemesis with the new weather phenomenon. Although the beys of the gang succumbed to cracks eveyone did not give up and continued to attack, but Nemesis' Shadow Beasts countered this. It became quite too powerful as all the Beyblades fell to the ground. With their loss of spin and not able to battle anymore it seemed as if nothing could be done and the end is near. Gingka just stood there, thinking nothing could be done against the ruthless Nemesis. With Rago and Pluto's taunts at Gingka, it was getting under Gingka's skin and became very problamatic for any solution. Gingka didn't care and knew that Nemesis would go down, but Cosmic Pegasus was beginning to lose its spin. Kyoya suddenly told Gingka he would give up the Star Fragment enchanted in his Fang Leone to Gingka's Cosmic Pegasus in an effort to prevent the world's collapse to destruction. Noting that over the time he's met Gingka, he has always trained himself to be Gingka's greatest rival, and this would prove it. Kenta then agreed to do the same, remembering of when he first met Gingka. How he saved him from the Face Hunters with his Blader's Spirit and saw him as a role model. Gingka then had a vision, of him being in the center of a galaxy.

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