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Published on 09 Dec 2009 | over 7 years ago

Divya Bharati
Divya Om Prakash Bharti (also Bharati or Bharathi) (25 February 1974 -- 5 April 1993) was an Indian film actress who starred in a number of commercially successful Hindi and Telugu films in the early 1990s.Divya Bharati is immortalised in Iran as beauty Queen as her portraits can be found along with Sridevi and Amitabh Bachchan in art shops across Iran.
Around midnight of 5 April 1993, Bharti fell to her death from a five-storey Tulsi apartment building in Versova, Mumbai.Mumbai Police failed to find any evidence suggesting murder and hence closed the investigation labelled as accidental death in 1998.Her body was released to her family, who arranged a cremation ceremony 2 days after her demise.
Wedded to Death
On April 5, 1993 at midnight, a young beautiful 19-year old stepped out on the window ledge of her fifth floor apartment. Neighbors heard her wailing loudly and berating her fate. Moments later she had simply stepped off the ledge and lay in a crumpled heap on the ground. Her battered corpse lay on the ground for hours till morning when the Police came to investigate. They discovered that the girl was none other than Divya Bharati, an phenomenally popular actress. What could have prompted one who had seen so much success to such desperation??

The answer lay with her husband Sajid Nadiadwala, a notorious Muslim associate of the Islamic Mafia. He was a well known film producer who had been married several times before and was known for his penchant for pretty new faces. He had married Divya Bharati in May 1992 but the marriage was kept a complete secret. Why? That was the ultimate question. The answer was startling but not entirely unexpected. Divya Bharati had been threatened and "cajoled" into marriage with Nadiadwalla. She was a tempestuous young girl who had captured the audience's attention. And it was in her that Nadiadwalla saw his golden goose. He had her signing films left, right and center, while he pocketed the cash. When the erratic young actress complained about the secrecy of the marriage and wanted to announce it to the world, Nadiadwalla threatened her with dire action. He simply couldn't afford to have a Divya Bharati who wasn't attractive to the audience anymore because of her married status. He wanted her to reveal as much of her assets as she possibly could so that the money would keep pouring in. When a sulky Divya started complaining, Nadiadwalla physically abused her thoroughly. Battered and bruised the young girl resigned herself to her inescapable destiny and started drinking heavily, as well as relying on drugs to sustain her through the bouts of manic depression. Nadiadwalla was only too happy to supply the drugs which would keep her going.

But on that particular night of April 5, 1993, Divya Bharati had had too much to drink. She couldn't control her anger and desperation at being manipulated by the cold calculating mobster who ill treated her every day. Even as her rage surged, Nadiadwalla coldly told her that she would be sleeping with his clients in future transactions. At that point Divya Bharati snapped. She screamed at him, hurling the choicest word of abuse and spewing epithets about pimping. Even as the neighbors cringed in their beds and pretended not to hear, there was a loud reverberating crash. And the next moment, the future superstar of Indian cinema lay dead on the ground, a compressed heap of bones and mangled flesh soaked in a pool of blood. For hours her corpse laid there, as her husband went back into the bedroom with his other girlfriend for the night...

Two days later, in an obscene mockery of fate, her corpse was bedecked in bridal finery and besieged by thousands of anguished fans in a final funeral procession. Sajid Nadiadwalla wept uncontrollably and had several fainting spells during the procession. Hundreds of members of the film fraternity of Bollywood were there for the macabre dramatization. Every one of them knew what had been the real reason for Divya Bharati's death, even as they gave interviews on TV, about the young actress's "disturbed mental balance" and "clear indications of her inebriated state which led to suicide".

Directed by Rajiv Rai
Produced by Gulshan Rai

Cinematography Romesh Bhalla
Distributed by Trimurti Films Pvt. Ltd.
Release dates 24 January 1992
Kshatriya (Warriors) is a 1993 Bollywood film directed by J.P. Dutta. The film has Sunil Dutt and Dharmendra playing fathers to their real-life sons Sanjay Dutt and Sunny Deol respectively. This is Divya Bharti's last film to be released while she was alive; she died 10 days after its release.

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