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Published on 08 Aug 2016 | 5 months ago

Belly Dance Arabic Music Best Songs 2016 Full Bass HD New.
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Its #BellyDance Arabic Music Best Songs 2016 Full Bass HD New arbi bali dance اغاني also called o o arabian bale arabik musik.

Belly dancing is sexy, fun, and burns up a lot of calories to boot! In this video, belly dancer teaches you how to do hip lifts and a basic shimmy. You'll be shaking it like Shakira in no time.

Belly dance or bellydance is a Western-coined name for a type of Middle Eastern dance. Originally a "solo improvised dance involving torso articulation",belly dance takes many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style, and new styles have evolved in the West as its popularity has spread globally.
The term "belly dance" is a translation of the French term "danse du ventre", which was applied to the dance in the Victorian era, and probably originally referred to the Ouled Nail dancers of Algeria, whose dance used more abdominal movements than the dances described today as "belly dance". It is something of a misnomer, as every part of the body is involved in the dance; the most featured body part is usually the hips.
Belly dance is primarily a torso-driven dance, with an emphasis on articulations of the hips.Unlike many Western dance forms, the focus of the dance is on relaxed, natural isolations of the torso muscles, rather than on movements of the limbs through space. Although some of these isolations appear superficially similar to the isolations used in jazz ballet, they are sometimes driven differently and have a different feeling or emphasis.
In common with most folk dances, there is no universally codified naming scheme for belly dance movements. Some dancers and dance schools have developed their own naming schemes, but none of these are universally recognised.

Belly dance is a non-impact, weight-bearing exercise and is thus suitable for all ages.It is a good exercise for the prevention of osteoporosis in older people. Many of the moves involve isolations, which improves flexibility of the torso. Belly dance moves are beneficial to the spine, as the full-body undulation moves lengthens (decompress) and strengthens the entire column of spinal and abdominal muscles in a gentle way.

Dancing with a veil can help build strength in the upper body, arm and shoulders. Playing the zills trains fingers to work independently and builds strength. The legs and long muscles of the back are strengthened by hip movements. Paffrath researched the effect of belly dance on women with menstruation problems. The subjects reported a more positive approach toward their menstruation, sexuality, and bodies.


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