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Published on 19 Oct 2012 | over 4 years ago

In this video I discuss what the area under a curve means and show how you can sum up simple rectangle shapes and take the limit of them toward to infinite amount of rectangles to define the area under any curve. I go through the example y = x^2 and also approximate the area under that curve using Microsoft Excel and you can download that file below. This is an important introduction to integral calculus because many of the concepts that I go through in this video will be used in my later integral calculus videos.

Download the notes in my video:
PDF Notes: www.dropbox.com/s/tktzshkhhi2hc6m/207%20-%20Intro%20to%20Area%20Problem.pdf
Excel Notes: www.dropbox.com/s/sjup5mmtkoefwck/207%20-%20Intro%20to%20Area%20Problem.xlsx

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