Published on 30 Oct 2016 | 7 months ago

Geometry Dash Vs Super Hexagon! Lets play the hardest games on youtube.

It's no secret that Geometry Dash is a very difficult game, but is it the hardest game ever? Or is Super Hexagon the hardest game ever? I'll try each game for the first time and see which one I find the hardest.

Results: So, after playing both I found that while Super Hexagon had the hardest initial difficulty curve, Geometry Dash was more difficult due to the latency that occurred while jumping for me.. This made it harder to play.

Both games are hard in their own right, but I failed to pass level one on Geometry Dash in around the same period I almost progressed to level 5 on Super Hexagon. However, Super Hexagon has a randomized level design whereas you can replay Geometry Dash to learn the levels structure.

I think in conclusion I'm going to give the slight edge on this one to Geometry Dash though. It annoyed me more, while Super Hexagon just blinded me. Bravo.

Now watch and enjoy as I fail miserably at both / life :(.

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