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Published on 03 Aug 2014 | over 2 years ago

Top 5 Most Brutal Execution Methods Ever. Executions in the US are being botched often lately but even a botched execution is a lot less painful than the methods that you can find in this list!

5. Slow Cutting

Death by slow cutting is a method that was used in China until 1905. The criminal is fastened to a rough cross, and the executioner, armed with a sharp knife, begins by slicing off fleshy parts of the body. After this, he removes the joints and the excrescences of the body one by one - the nose and ears, fingers and toes. Then the limbs are cut off at the wrists and the ankles, the elbows and knees, the shoulders and hips. Finally, the victim is stabbed to the heart and his head is cut off.

4. Blood Eagle

The Blood Eagle is a form of execution the Vikings practiced. The ribs would be cut from the spine, broken to resemble bloody wings and then the victim's lungs would be pulled out through the back, by hand. Salt would then be poured on to the wound, onto the lungs specifically, while the victim still gasped for air. The condemned would die of suffocation soon after the lungs were pulled out, if not from massive blood loss and shock beforehand.

3. Flaying

Flaying is when the victim's skin is cut away from the body, while the victim is still alive, with the purpose of not only torturing the condemned to death, but also to keep the skin intact. The skin was in fact the most important part of the execution. While the victim of the flaying would inevitably die a horrifically painful death from blood loss, shock, hypothermia or infection, his skin would be nailed to various places of the kingdom to ensure all those with treachery on their mind thought twice.

2. Crucifixion

Crucifixion was a very common form of execution used primarily by the ancient Romans. Following a prolonged period of beating and torture, the condemned was forced to carry his own cross in public to the location of his execution. Once there, the victim was either nailed or tied to the cross where they would hang for up to several weeks. When death finally came it was usually by suffocation, or exposure.

1. Hanged, Drawn and Quartered

A very popular punishment among English kings. The accused was first tied or fastened to a horse and dragged to the place of his execution, of course, in public, where he would then be hanged to the point of near death, only to be spared for the really painful part. Upon being freed from the noose, he would promptly be disemboweled alive, with his insides concurrently being lit on fire, and then be separated from all four limbs either by horses or blade, and beheaded.

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