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Published on 13 Oct 2015 | about 1 year ago

Dutch biology Teacher strips off her cloths in classroom, to teach human body anatomy in a creative way to educate and engage her class. This Biology Teacher Has Her Own Way Of Teaching About The Human Body At School. She knows how to teach biology in a creative way. [fun ways to teach science, teacher uses creative teaching strategies, New and creative ways to teach science, Amazing Biology Teacher, Fun Lesson Plans, biology ideas, ideas for biology experiments for high school, Circulatory System anatomy lessons, 3D Human Anatomy Instructors pdf, images, charts]

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Teaching children about human anatomy can be complex - but one teacher found a simple solution to that.

Debby Heerkens, is a biology teacher from Netherland. She was Standing on a desk in front of her ninth grade class students and took off her clothes to show where all the organs of the body can be found.

Debby Heerkens is a biology teacher at Groene Hart Rijnwoude school in Hazerswoude Dorp, Netherlands, Took off her clothes to reveal the bodysuit, which showed body's anatomy. she Wanted to use a more creative way to educate and engage her class using anatomically-correct spandex suit to help them learn about the human body in a biology class.

The teacher, who was looking for more creative ways to teach her pupils, also stripped off to reveal a Halloween-esque skeleton suit to convey bone anatomy. As well as those suits, she also stripped off to reveal one clearly showing where each of the body's muscles are located after she was inspired by a woman she spotted in the street wearing similar leggings and asked the school director if she could employ the technique

teacher strips off cloths, Dutch teacher strips off to teach children biology using a spandex suit

Dutch teacher strips before her class to teach the students a
A teacher in Netherlands took off her clothes in her classroom, only to reveal a series of skintight suits showing muscular structure, internal Dutch Teacher Strips Off Her Clothes To Teach Kids Anatomy is viral new on youtube and facebook today. Students in a seventh grade biology class in the Netherlands were surprised when their teacher, Debby Heerkens, began to strip off her clothes

Dutch teacher strips off in front of students — to teach them all about the during her biology class and began taking off her shirt and pants.

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Anatomy Teacher Strips Down To Muscluar Clothes To Teach Her Students Lesson. Students weren’t sure what to expect when their teacher stood in front of the classroom and started to undress. Debby Heerkens, a biology teacher at Groene Hart Rijnwoude school, in the small town of Hazerswoude Dorp Netherlands, wanted to try a creative approach to teach a lesson about the human body.
“At first they were a little bit in shock because they thought ‘the teacher is taking off her clothes,’ until, they saw what is underneath,” Heerkens told CNN.
Heerkens stripped down to reveal a full bodysuit that mapped out the human body in sharp and graphic detail. She had on several layers, one that showed the skeletal bone structure and another with internal organs. Anatomy, Teacher, Strips, Down, To, Muscluar, Clothes, Teach, Her, Students, Lesson, how to, learn, un dress, undress, Anatomy Teacher Strips Down To Muscluar Clothes To Teach Her Students Lesson, Debby Heerkens, Groene Hart Rijnwoude school, Hazerswoude Dorp Netherlands, Hazerswoude Dorp, Netherlands,

The point was to help students visualize the human body, highlight the essential organs and show how they function.
After teaching for seven years, Heerkens feels a creative approach is sometimes necessary to get kids engaged in some of the more dense science lessons.
This was the first time Heerkens suited up with a costume to teach a class and the results were positive, but she said she doesn’t think she’ll be using the same approach for all subjects.

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