Published on 12 Nov 2016 | 4 months ago

Samsung Galaxy S8 models: Galaxy S8 edge or Galaxy S8 Plus?
Rather than questioning whether or not there will be an S8 edge, perhaps what we should really be asking is whether there will be a standard Galaxy S8. Ever since Samsung unveiled just the one version of the Note 7 with a dual-edge screen we've had an inkling that this is its plan for all its flagships: a dual-edge screen as standard. However, this is not the only difference between the standard and edge models, since the edge is also larger. Could we be about to see a Samsung Galaxy S8 and a Galaxy S8 Plus? We think so.
Our theory has been backed up by a report in the Korean Herald, which says Samsung has hinted at removing the standard flat-screen version and replacing it with the edge model. Now that decision appears to have been finalised, and a new report from the Korean Herald says the company is sourcing 5.1- and 5.5in dual-edge screens.
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