Published on 02 Apr 2015 | over 2 years ago

After an introductory session on swift, based on high demand from community we decided for an in depth session in it.
Upcoming Coffee@DBG will explore the Swift programming language in detail. Session should help the audience to exploit its power & modern language features  to enhance their mobile app development efforts.  
Sessions :
                Swift: A Deep Dive into Swift
                     Language Constructs
                     Pattern Matching with Switch
                     Memory Management
                    High level Compiler overview and optimisations
Date & Place
    April 1 2015 - 5pm at Floor of madness DBG.
    How to use Swift language?
    How to exploit its power & modern language features?
    How do you adopt Swift for future iOS development?
Prereqs & Preparation:
    Basic knowledge in any object oriented languages.
    Experience in iOS development and Xcode will be an advantage

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