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Published on 15 Jun 2015 | about 1 year ago

Here are six strange body mutations. From modifications and transformations to genetic birth defects, we'll show you some of the most extreme things ever found in the body and the facts behind them all!

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6. After finding out about this guy's story, it doesn't seem like he had much of a brain to begin with. Meet Carlos Rodriguez, aka Halfy, who lost a huge portion of his already small brain and skull after driving messed up out of his mind then flying through his car's windshield and landing on his head. In order for him to survive, doctors had to remove large amounts of flesh and bone from his head. Today, he's an advocate against the stuff, but despite his stance he still continues to smoke every single day. I mean…we can't blame him, can we? The guy's got half a brain. Carlos better be careful cuz if he loses the other half of his skull he probably won't be around to tell that tale.

5. I got mad respect for this kid after hearing his story. Deepak Paswaan was born with a twin brother. But here's the catch…the twin brother was parasitically conjoined to his abs because something went wrong in their DNA, which meant he had four legs and four arms, two of which were jutting all the way out of Deepak's chest, which he had to carry around up until the age of 7! Shown here is our little man showing off his brand new body for the first time ever since undergoing surgery. Look at how happy he looks! Props to the kid and props to his brilliant doctors, who performed the surgery for free!

4. This one is a little shocking. Born on March 4th, 2015 this guy was born with NO NOSE! It's caused by an extremely rare condition called congenital arhinia, which affects only one in 197 million people! Fortunately, little Eli lives a normal, healthy life and has even become a social media sensation with his own Facebook fan page and a Go Fund Me account to help raise money for the years of surgery and doctor's appointments he has lying ahead.

3. He looks like a pretty nice guy, eh? Ya think his heart is in the right place? HELL NO! He's suffering from Situs Inversus…well, not really suffering because as weird as the condition is, it doesn't really affect the person's health. This condition is no myth. People born with Situs Inversus simply have all their organs reversed, so what you have is a mirror image of a normal person's organ layout. So this dude's heart is actually on the right side of his chest, not the left. Imagine if he had a heart attack! Whoever's performing CPR on THIS GUY is up for a big surprise!

2. If you think you and your sibling are close, think again. Still alive and kicking are Ronnie and Donnie Galyon, the oldest living conjoined siamese twins in the world. All jokes aside though, these two are really impressive. Ronnie and Donnie were not only born joined from the sternum to the groin, but they also share a set of organs, which kept them from being able to be separated. But what they've been through, what they've achieved, and the mere fact that they're still alive is pretty freaking admirable. Born in 1951, these two were taken on the road by their pops as a sideshow attraction all throughout the U.S. and Latin America. You'd think that they're the ones that needed taking care of when in reality, they were the ones supporting their dad and eight other siblings with their tour money. They're now retired from show business and have made several television appearances. Four thumbs up guys!

And now, for our number one unbelievable and rare body mutation! For more videos, subscribe here.

1. Show in this photo are Karen and Eric Moger. Eric's story is a special one. He developed an extremely rare case of skin cancer that affects only about one-in-a-million people that forced surgeons to remove a tennis-ball-sized tumor from the left side of his face, affecting his eye, cheekbone, and jaw and making it extremely difficult for him to speak or even drink normally. This led to a long, dark path of depression for almost four years due to his scary face, until he was featured on the British TV show "Embarrassing Bodies" where he was introduced to a series of doctors that helped him restore his face. With the aid of 3D scanning and printing technology, dental surgeon Andrew Dawood was miraculously able to create a mask that binds within the cavity of his face and implanted a mouth that would normalize his ability to eat, drink, and speak. What an impressive facial reconstruction! We gotta give mad badger props to Dr. Dawood for restoring Eric's life…like a boss!

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