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General Raheel Sharif - Pakistan Army - WAR - Zarb E Azab - Army - Ready for War

General Raheel Sharif Speech "We Are Ready For WAR"

General Raheel Sharif was born in Quetta. He belongs to a Rajput family with roots in Punjab (in the town of Kunjah, Gujrat). He has a prominent military background, He is son of (late) Major Rana Muhammad Sharif.[6] His eldest brother Major Rana Shabbir Sharif, was declared as the martyr of Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 by Pakistan and received Pakistan's highest military award Nishan-e-Haider posthumously. He is the youngest sibling among three brothers and two sisters.[7] His other brother, Captain Mumtaz Sharif also bravely served in Pakistan army.
On 27 November 2013, Sharif was appointed as the 15th Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.[7] According to sources, General Sharif is said to be uninterested in politics with very positive and balanced views. But he was elevated over two more senior generals.[13] Lieutenant General Haroon Aslam, a senior general, resigned over Sharif's elevation.[14] The other more-senior general, Rashad Mahmood was appointed as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee.[15] The News reported that General Aslam may have been superseded because of his action in the 1999 coup.[16]

In 2013, Sharif was conferred with Nishan-e-Imtiaz (military).[17] Raheel Sharif will retire as Chief of Army Staff (Pakistan) in November 2016.[18] In September 2015, Pervez Musharraf called for extending the tenure General Sharif and warned against a change in the military leadership, saying that "he was happy to see growing popularity of General Sharif because he was doing a wonderful job which needed to be continued. I wish he carries on with all this he is doing, What he is doing right now, it needs continuity and if there is any change in the leadership amidst this all, all good work which has been done so far would go in waste. So I can only wish and suggest that he should stay there.”[19]

According to The Economist, "Unlike his predecessors, General Sharif appears to see jihadists, principally in the form of Pakistan’s own Taliban, as the country’s greatest threat, and is credited to have initiated the successful joint operation of Zarb-e-Azab".


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