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Published on 21 Dec 2013 | over 3 years ago

In my opinion the 20 scariest and best horror movies ever made!!!
Many guys here are extremely confusing the movie genres!!! So I need to explain it! First of all movies like "the 6th Sense", "Pans Labyrinth" etc. are NOT horror movies! It's fantasy/mystery drama!!! But especially DRAMA! Ok than an other very popular movie to mention here is Shining! For me Shining is NOT a horror movie!!! Shining is a psychological thriller with some kind of horror elements!!! And so is the silence of the lambs or SAW too (etc.)! Ok, the next "mistake" which make the most guys here is the confusion of HORROR and SLASHER movies!!! Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street (border case), Halloween, Scream (a very bad movie IMO!!!) etc. are SLASHER MOVIES, and yeah right it is a sub genre of horror! But I strictly distinguish and seperate them! In my opinion SLASHER MOVIES are not even scary but more shocking and terrorising! For me it's a difference! And movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dawn Of The Dead, The Hills Have Eyes etc. are SHOCKER MOVIES (or Blood-Curdler) with SLASHER elements which can be counted as real horror movies too (in any case more than slaher movies!)! One of them is Martyrs too, which I put in my list because it also has some little kind of paranormal horror elements! But this is a question of the individual type of a human and what makes him fear! The preferences of my list are the typical real horror movies with mainly paranormal, mysterious elements!!! Or with "alien elements (sci-fi)" like The Thing or Alien (I forgot to put in)! Finally it's an individual question of the character what makes him fear! But my list is mainly consists of these genres: the typical paranormal horror, fantasy horror and horror drama! So please argue only on this genre level! SUMMARIZED: IMO there are two kinds of horror movies which should be strictly distinguished and have their own top list: horrror movies where the scare factor is achieved mostly by a paranormal, mystery effect which could be subtle but also aggressive (contains all horror genres except slasher like paranormal horror, horror drama, horror thriller, sci-fi horrror, monster horror, mystery horror etc.) and horror movies where the scare factor is achieved mostly by brutality, cruelty and blood! These are SLASHER MOVIES, with always the same typical outline: a stupid, naive group of teenies are terrorised, hunted and brutaly hacked to death by a mentally disturbed murder! Seen one, seen 'em all!
And only cause a movie is not on my list it doesn't mean that I didn't see it!!! I'm a big horror fan!!!

This would be my actual Top 20 (as of: 14.10.2016)
20. Rec
19. It Follows
18. The Others
17. Dead Silence
16. 1408
15. Evil Dead (1981)
14. The Grudge
13. Babadook
12. Silent Hill
11. The Ring
10. Blair Witch Project
9. Sinister
8. Martyrs
7. The Decent
6. The Thing (1982)
5. Drag Me To Hell
4. The Conjuring
3. Insidious
2. The Conjuring 2
1. The Exorcist

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