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Published on 20 Aug 2015 | about 1 year ago

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Al-Imran In Which Imran Was A Righteous Man And The Prophet That Allah SWT Sent To Bani Isra’il At That Time Zechariah , He Comes From The Descendant Of Dawud And Sulaiman AS, Zakariyya Was Married To Ashya [Ashba, Elizabeth], The Sister Of Maryam, Their Mother Her Name Is Hanna So Imran Was Married To Hanna, Imran And Hanna Had Two Girls, One Her Name Ashya That Was Married To Zakariyya AS And Another Girl, Her Name Is Maryam, And Of Course There’s A Big Age Gap Between Ashya And Maryam, Allah SWT Tells Us The Story Of Maryam And Zakariyya And Yahya And Eesa, They’re All Related Story Together, One Day The Wife Of Imran She Made A Pledge; She Made An Oath A Vow, O Allah I Vowed To You What Is In My Womb, She Was Pregnant Is For Allah, Specifically That Means That This Child Will Serve In The, Which Masjid? Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa, In That Time They Used To have Men They Were Devoted To The Serving Of The Masjid, They Didn’t Allow Women To Take This Job, It Was For Men, And They Would Live Their Entire Life In The Masjid And Serve In The Masjid, She Wanted Her Child To Go To The Service In The Masjid Al-Aqsa For The Whole Life; Free From All Worldly Work, When She Delivered Her Child She Said: O My Lord I Have Given Birth To A Female Child, And Females Were Not Traditionally Allowed To Serve In The Masjid, Allah SWT Says Allah Knows Best In What You Delivered And The Male Is Not Like The Female, This Means That Whatever You Would Have Delivered That Male Will Not Be Better Than The Female That Allah SWT Has Given You because The Female That Allah SWT Has Given You Is The Best Of Al-Nisa Al-Aalamin But Allah Know Who This Female Is And This Female Is Maryam AS,

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