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Published on 02 Oct 2008 | over 8 years ago

Before you read the story, I just wanted to say that when I was making this video, I still believed that it's not necessary to make it that perfect, like making zooms to hide the hair and clothes differences and stuff like that, at least not all the time, just so the scene would have some air. Just like I said before in part I, the only thing I do here is to build the bases of the story and the scenes, the rest depends on your imagination.
And by the way, in the HEAVEN scene, if you aren't able to picture Prue's looks changing every now and then, let's just say that "It's HEAVEN, and everything can happen there!"

Part II story:
(Scene: Halliwell manor. Piper and Phoebe are hugging with tears. Everyone else is sad. We see Prue's body on the floor and the police are taking pictures of her. An inspector comes to the sisters and tells them how sorry he is for their loss and that he's going to find whoever killed their sister Prue. Piper, Phoebe and Leo go to the attic to find a spell to bring their sister back (that's off-screen) while the police start covering Prue's body to take her to the morgue.

(Scene: A spiritual plane in Heaven. Andy appears to Prue. She starts asking him about the place they're in and gets a little confused. Andy tells her that Phoebe's premonition wasn't stopped, which ended Prue's life as a charmed one. Prue gets angry and wants to deny what happened to her, thinking that it's not fair for her to die because it's too soon for her and she doesn't want to lose her sisters. Suddenly, Patty appears. She looks at Prue and understands what she's feeling from what she's been through with the whole death story. Prue chills out a little and tries to take it easy with her new destiny. Patty tells her that she did well when she was alive with her job as a sister and a charmed one and that she's so proud of her. When the two hug, Penny appears and asks Prue how she is. Prue starts to get puzzled again when Andy suddenly tells her that she has to go back to earth (So she can see what happened to her sisters after she died.) He holds her and they orb out.
(Andy became a Whitelighter after he died. The conversation of his becoming will be in an upcoming part. The orbs weren't made that much like charmed just to make Prue's character not that much familiar with that power.)

(Scene: Prue's Funeral. Prue and Andy orb in. (both of them are invisible to the living). We see Paige while she's trying to get out of the funeral after Phoebe crashes on the floor from her premonition. Phoebe tells the group that she saw Prue's killer killing a girl she just saw. Prue gets mystified because she doesn't know what's going on. When Phoebe starts running out to look for Paige a bounty hunter appears and attacks them with his demonic powers and Prue freaks out. When Cole kills the demons with his energy balls, Piper starts to scream. She pushes a flower vas and it shatters on the floor and Prue panics. Piper heads out with her anger while every one else is sad and confused. She opens the door with the pain of losing her sister Prue and not having the chance to bring her back, not knowing that her sister Prue is standing right next to her in the funeral.

Hope you guys enjoy the video

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