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Published on 24 Mar 2015 | about 1 year ago

This Tayo Season 2 compilation video has stories about Gani’s Present, Air, the Brave Helicopter, and Prank Call Madness! The brave helicopter Air is so awesome! Don’t you guys want to fly in the sky too? It's way more fun than you think!

1:15 - 12:15 #20 Gani’s Present
12:16 - 23:15 #21 Air, the Brave Helicopter www.youtube.com/watch
23:16 - 34:15 #22 Prank Call Madness www.youtube.com/watch

20. Gani’s Present
One day, Gani gives Jerry, the neighborhhood's most reckless troublemaker, a ride. Because of Jerry's mischief, Gani finds himself in tough spots every day. While contemplating on how to stop Jerry, Gani turns on the TV installed on the bus. Joey's Magic Show is on, and Jerry becomes immersed in the program, stops his antics, and sits quietly. After that day, Jerry promises to sit quietly on the bus as long as Gani shows him the Magic Show. Before they know it, Gani and Jerry become close friends, and Jerry tells Gani something about himself that he never told anyone before.

21. Air, the Brave Helicopter
Air is a new rescue helicopter that has come to the fire station. Tayo is completely taken with Air after seeing him bravely save people, and asks him to become friends. The other little buses hear about Air and hope they can become friends with him, too. They try to approach Air, but small misunderstandings make them dislike Air. Will Air and the little buses be able to become friends?

22. Prank Call Madness
Rogi hears about Frank and Alice who are stressed out because of prank calls, and vows to catch the culprit. He sets out as a self-appointed detective with Gani. The only lead is that the culprit has a deep male voice. With that clue, Rogi and Gani try to find the culprit. But Rogi once again makes preposterous deductions and reasonings.
A few days later, Rogi and Gani find out where the prank calls were made thanks to Rookie, and they plan a stakeout. Will Detective Rogi be able to catch the culprit this time?

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