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Published on 03 Sep 2016 | 9 months ago

Top 10 shocking wrestling slip ups caught on camera on live tv
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The term of WWE Diva has been used since the late 90s and mostly was used to describe the female “wrestlers” as being sexy, catty and scandalous ladies. As a result, they tend to wear outfits that seem impossible to get and even more impossible to stay on. We especially mean it on the last part as there have been quite a few wardrobe malfunctions throughout the long history of WWE. Nipples have escaped from their captivity in clothes, breasts have popped out and butts have been exposed. So we here at The Sportster are going to rank the Top 10 Shocking WWE Divas Wardrobe Malfunctions.
Intro: Halleluiah! WWE has finally dropped the Divas moniker for their female wrestlers and moving all their chips to the front of the table, treating them like true female athletes. There was a time before this though where it seemed like large swats of the fanbase were watching them just for a wardrobe malfunction. So here are ten shocking Divas wardrobe malfunctions… ya pervs.

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