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Published on 31 Aug 2011 | over 5 years ago

Movie: Jab We Met (2007)
Song: Yeh Ishq Hai
Music: Prittam & Sanjoy Chowdhury
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Cast: Kareena Kapoor & Shahid kapoor
Director: Imtiaz Ali

Aditya Kashyap (Shahid Kapoor), the son of a recently deceased famous industrialist, demoralized by his mother's public affair and subsequent departure, gets even more depressed after attending the marriage of the woman he loves to another man. Feeling ashamed to face the world, he walks out of the marriage gathering, boards a train in the night, and appears on the verge of committing suicide. While on board, he meets Geet Dhillon (Kareena Kapoor), a beautiful, talkative young woman who is leaving Mumbai to go to her hometown, Bathinda in Punjab.

Initially, Aditya finds Geet to be very irritating and every meeting becomes mental torture for him. She discloses big plans of eloping with her boyfriend Anshuman (Tarun Arora) as she fears resentment from her parents. Geet irritates Aditya to the point where he leaves the train. In trying to get him back on the train, she ends up missing it and finds herself stranded on a desolate station Badnagar with no luggage or money. Geet confronts Aditya and tells him that he is now responsible for getting her safely to her house in Punjab. Both of them begin an idyllic journey through the exuberant North Indian heartland, making their way via buses, taxis and camel-carts to reach her house. Aditya, through spending so much time with Geet, begins to feel good about life again.

On arrival, Geet's family (Pawan Malhotra, Dara Singh and Kiran Juneja) mistakes the two for lovers, but they quickly assure Geet's family that there is nothing of the sort going on between them. Aditya tells her family he is a musician to avoid being recognized as the famous industrialist, and her family accepts this. A few days later, Geet's family finds an old childhood friend of Geet's who wants to marry her. While he is there, Geet leads the suitor to believe he witnesses an intimate moment between her and Aditya and successfully dissuades him from following through on the match. Later that night, Geet runs from her home along with Aditya to marry Anshuman in Manali. However, Geet's sister finds them running away together and informs the entire family. They hurriedly make their escape, but this confirms the suspicion in Geet's family that they are lovers. The two escape to Manali and then part their separate ways.

Upon returning to Mumbai with a new conviction and positive outlook on life because of Geet's influence, Aditya guides his company to extreme success. Around nine months after his arrival, he launches a new product, a calling card named "Geet." Geet's family sees this launch on TV and runs to Mumbai to meet Aditya. Aditya is shocked to hear that Geet has not returned home. He takes it upon himself to find her and return her to her family.

Aditya returns to Manali where he expects her to be with her new husband. He finds that Anshuman had turned her out to the streets and refused to marry her. After saying a few spiteful words to Anshuman for what he did, Aditya leaves to find Geet. He finally tracks her down in Shimla, a Himalayan town and is traumatized to see what she has become: a quiet, reserved, and miserable schoolteacher. Convincing her to face her circumstances, he manages to bring her back to normal life and things start to look up for her again. However, Anshuman arrives and exclaims that he has realized he was a jerk and tries to patch up their relationship. Initially, Geet does not think she will accept his apology but Aditya pushes her to accept it and be with him even though he loves her too. All three then travel back to Bhatinda to bring Geet back and to announce that Geet and Anshuman are involved. Back in Bhatinda, the family again assumes that Geet and Aditya are together and, in all the confusion, there is no chance to right the family's misconceptions. While trying to clear the misconception, situations make Geet realize that she is in fact in love with Aditya, not Anshuman and, therefore, they get married and have two daughters.

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