Published on 08 Oct 2016 | 4 months ago

There is a perception among those who aren’t famous, that to become famous, you have to either possess some type of talent, or do something outrageous enough to garner attention. Well, sometimes it helps to do both, as you will see in this list of hot female celebrities who NEVER wear a bra when they are spotted outside their homes.

Aniston probably wore a bra, because no one knew her name, so going out without proper undergarment protection wouldn’t gain her any attention.

Rihanna’s not ashamed of her body, and as you can see in this pic, she has reasons to be proud of the attributes that she was born with. As a celebrity, she’s definitely got some of the best assets around.

Kardashian is a fame vulture, and there is no opportunity that presents itself for publicity that she won’t take. Typically, you’ll find Kardashian trying to sell her ample derriere in photos.

Kerr is a British actress and former model who was once married to Orlando Bloom. She is also reportedly, the woman who triggered the fist fight between Bloom and Justin Bieber in a restaurant in Zanzibar, but that’s another story.

Knightley is another British import who seems to have a very open sense of her body and how it’s displayed to the public. Although she isn’t curvaceous, she is a very attractive woman.

Say what you will about Paltrow (and many have), but the actress keeps herself in great shape, and often shows up on the red carpet in flowing gowns without a bra. In this pic, you can see that nothing has come between Paltrow and her suit jacket, including a bra.
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