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Published on 22 May 2015 | about 1 year ago

I do not own the rights to Street Fighter. All rights and copyrights belong to Capcom. All videos in this movie were produced and are owned by Capcom.

As with all Street Fighter series, the newer version usually supersedes the older. Ex.: Street Fighter 3 2nd Impact overrides the story of Street Fighter 3 New Generation, Street Fighter Alpha 2 overrides Street Fighter Alpha, and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix overrides all other versions of Street Fighter 2. Ultra Street Fighter 4 story overrides most, but not all of the story of the vanilla Street Fighter 4 and that both combined give the full story of events of Street Fighter 4.

This movie is 4 hours 30 minutes and 23 seconds long. It includes every prologue, rival cutscene, ending, intro cinematic, movie, ova, and trailers ever made for every version of Street Fighter 4. I'm well aware that not all of them can be considered canon; like cutscenes for Evil Ryu and Oni, some of the story for the Ties That Bind movie, and Poison's ending (it is plausible that it could have happened for fun). After all, Elena managed to get a selfie with Gouki/Akuma and Capcom is known for not having coherent stories in their fighting games. One of the things I love of Mortal Kombat and Tekken.

I start with the C.Viper, Chun-Li, and Sakura aftermath trailers, since part of the trailers shows their current story, while showing what happens SHORTLY AFTER the events of Street Fighter 2. I also include all the cutscenes that go with those trailers.

Afterwards, are the Ties That Bind movie. Not all of it can be considered canon. However, it shows the beginning of Eliza's pregnancy and Chun-Li mentions in her Super Street Fighter 4 intro that Seth got away once before. This is followed by showing Gouken is still alive and the english version of the Juri OVA.

What follows is the return of Bison and Rose's intro. Then the intro for most of the characters who get an invitation to the S.I.N. tournament. This IS NOT a World Warrior Tournament which may help with the controversy with E.Honda's intro.

The tournament doesn't start until almost 3 hours in after Ken's Super Street Fighter 4 intro. All the rival cutscenes are fights that would have happened during the tournament. Because of Zangief's dialogue, it is presumed that maybe people within the game's universe believe that he is the official winner. However, Bison gets to the real Seth with the other copies and soundly beats him. This would make M.Bison the real official winner of the tournament, since he did officially enter. Then Juri comes in and kills Seth and becomes the new head of S.I.N. All the events surrounding Seth and S.I.N. are a part of Bison's master plan which are never revealed. Bison then unleashes the rest of the copies on the other fighters, which is the "Seth" that everyone else faces as the final boss.

Ryu destroys the BLECE machine, Chun-Li and Vega get the data to destroy and/or revive Shadaloo, and Ryu faces Ken. They can't give it their all with all the other events that are going on. Most likely Ryu narrowly came out the winner. Then Gouken seals the Satsui No Hado within Ryu and faces off against Ahuma/Gouki. I had the trailer with Ryu Vs. Akuma/Gouki be the final major fight of the movie. The flashbacks in the trailer are when Gouken saves a boy Ryu and the fight between Akuma/Gouki and Gouken where it was thought that Akuma/Gouki "killed" Gouken.

Then the rest of the endings follow afterwards. Bison leaves Rose behind since he doesn't need her anymore and whatever he got from her might have made him stronger. Also, Rose's prophesied final battle between Ryu and Bison has not yet happened.

I hope that everyone enjoys the video. Thanks for watching.

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