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Published on 19 Dec 2011 | over 5 years ago

pashto....pukhto.....qami sandara.......nazm
poet.........ghani khan...qawmi sandare.
singer......sardar ali takkar..(non commercial use:,fan's copy for education only)
Ghana Khan....interesting history...

some abstracts from Dr.Fazal-ur-Rahim Marwat.

Ghani Khan,a son of the legendary prophet of peace and non violence Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan holds a high place in pashto literature because of his humorous and satirical verses.His first poem appeared in december,1928 issue of the Pukhtoon,the first pashto journal and mouthpiece of the Anjuman-Islahul-Afghana.Ghan's poetry includes love songs,epics,anthems, elegies,epigrams,verse,letters and satires and more..

His first anthology of poems "da pangrey chaghar" songs in a cage was written in Haripur Jail.He sketched a lot,did a number of self portraits.They portray the horror and agony that he went through.

Ghana Khanwas neither an iconoclast nor iconolater and he sees himself neither as a painter,a sculptor,nor as a poet but perhaps only as a plagiarist who very humbly glorifies in his words the work of another artist,the real creator,who he calls Al-Jameel (the beautiful) and Al-Musavvir (The Artist)...

The Pathans have no written history but they have thousands of ruins where the carved stones tell their story to any one who would care to listen.The "Pathan" Ghani asserts, "are rain sown wheat-they all came up on the same day they are all the same..But the chief reason why i love him is because he will wash his face and oil his beard and perfume his locks and put on his best pair of clothes the day he goes out to fight and die.

His poetry is about humanism, search for the truth and self-realization." I want to see my people educated and enlightened. People with a vision and a strong sense of justice who can carve out a future for themselves, in harmony with nature".

Abdul Ghani Khan a gifted son of Pukhtoonkhwa was born in 1914 in Utmanzai, Charsadda.( Pushkalavati means full of lotuses,the ancient capital of of Gandhara.)

The lotus flower dominated the mind of the people of Pushkalavti (charsadda)so much that they created a goddess of the city named in the coin as pushkalavati nagar devta.(goddess of pushkalavati)

The history of Charsadda goes back to the 6th century BC.It remained the capital of Gandhara from 6th century BC to 2nd century AD.Many nations like the Persians, the Greeks, the Mauryans, the Kushans, the Bactrians, the Parthians, the Huns and the Hindus have ruled over this region at different times of history.Alexander the Great himself laid siege to the city in the 3rd century BC.
After the Hindu era, the area witnessed the empire of the Great Sultanats of Delhi and the great Mughal Empire.Then came the Sikhs in 1818,the British annexed the area in 1849, holding it till it became part of Pakistan.

lyrics ..

ma ledali da phareng (perang) kh'kule jazuna
che da lande the ghurzang wahi cinduna

ma ledali mahaluna da London
jenakay maste ada da gulbadan

ma ledali da Itly khaista kharuna
sre angoor sre sharaab aw sra guloona

ma ledali da Pares khaperay kh'kule
pa kirdaar guftaar khwagey laka balbale

ma ledali Amreka ke der kharoona
che wariazo tha ye rasi makanoona

ma ledali Tajmahal ghutay da gulo
da Delhi kh'kule kharoona da maghulo

kho che uwvenam da khpal da khato kore
ra na hair shi mahaluna khaista nuur

wey da narey tange kusey zama da kali
wert sa di da dunya kharoona kh'kuli

che kharh-makhey Wrowr
Pakhtoon seene la dar shi
dar na hair ba tole khayest
da bahr-o-bar shi

nu wey Khudaya shuker che paeda de
da de qaam krhama
da Pakhtoon da nar wajood de
yew andaam krhem

da Batagrama da London lwey mahaluna
da Pares Juna khaesta Rumi gulorna

wey pa Wallah che da Jannata
ba sham ra-stoona
che kanzel pa ke wa-nawrem da Pukhtoon

ae zama watanaaa
ae zama watana da laluno khazane zama
sta hara dara ke di da turro neshane zama .. ..

sta ser chi vi teet nu za ba
shaan aw shaukat sa krhema
tha che khwar aw zaar ye
za ba maal aw daulat sa krhema

tha che wrhande jarhe
za ba khoube aw rahat sa krhema ..

wey masta be de khawra krhem
pa veene mastane zama

ae zama watana da laluno khazane zama .. ..
sta hara dara ke di da turro neshane zama .. ..

sterge me luge ka sta
da khawro da kuruno na
asal me qurbaan sha
sta da para da fekroonu na .. ..

zaar shama qurbaan
sta da ghruno aw Sinduno na
sta hara kusa ke di da savi zrha tukrhe zama
ae zama watana da laluno khazane zama ..
sta hara dara ke di da turo neshane zama ..

yaa kho ba de siyaal krhama watana da jahaan
yaa ba sta pa khpo ke
ture khawre kam khpal zaan

za ba darhe warhe sham kho
tha ba kam wadaan
narr yema Pakhtoon yem
tha tha yade afsane zama

ae zama watana da laloono khazane zama ..
sta hara dara ke di da turro neshane zama .. ..

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