Published on 16 Oct 2016 | 5 months ago

My Rohinga brothers,I am requesting you,if you want to save Islam,if you want to save the land of Arakan living inside Arakan,if you want to save the honour of the mothers and sisters of Arakan, if you want to save all the masjid and madrasha of Arakan from destruction, then,my special request to you, Please,listen to me attentionally, Please,join us. Please take part in this great jihad with us.

To my young Rohinga brothers who are listening us from Arakan and outside Arakan, I benignly request all of you, Please donot sit in the four walls of your house. Please get up and join us
..If you want to see Arakan free, if you want to save the oprressed Rohinga, if you want to save islam,please join us. Please,donot fear death. Death is inevitable. If Allah doesn't want your death,you'll not die. I Repeat, You will never die if Allah doesn't want you to die. None has the power to take your life execept Allah.So,please,join us.

I am asking the islamic scholar society who are reluctant to the fatwa of jihad, please join us. My brothers who are expert in hadith,please join us. If you told about jihadi fatwa,jihad would be established in Arakan.I urge you to join us. And plese start giving the fatwa of jihad. Please don't hide yourselves, please,join us.Please join us to establish jihad in the land of Arakan

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